"Salt Room" 10/10 Heroic Guild Recruiting for Mythic

Salt Room is a 10/10 Heroic guild looking to start Mythic. We’re just a few players short of making it happen.

We’ll take any good competent player but we’re also looking to fill specific needs if possible.

Currently our highest needs are

  • 1 healer, preferably a disc priest or holy palidin
  • a second boomkin(it’s lonely being the only one)
  • Fire or frost mage

Again, we are looking for players who can do good damage and do mechanics as well so any exceptional players will be more than welcome.

Feel free to reply here or message me directly at Dracid#1605 on bnet.

Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm - 11pm est



boopity boop

boopity boop