Salt Factory [H] Both raid teams are recruiting!

Are you in the market for a new guild with lots of opportunity? Salt Factory is one of Arthas’s top raiding guilds offering both Mythic and Heroic Raiding opportunities.

The heroic team is currently looking for dependable DPS to fill out it’s roster! We are currently 3/8 H-EP (7/8 N-EP, AoTC HBoD.) We are a mature, active guild with an active discord. Raiding on Tuesday/Thursday 9 pm to Midnight (Eastern/Server time) with mythic + groups running weekly. The heroic team is a fun-loving, chatty group who can progress through content at a moderate pace. A perfect fit for those looking to balance work, life, and Azeroth!

We are interested in the following:

Melee-Any! We have only have 2. They are lonely.
Shaman with Resto Offspec
Shadow Priest
Any Warlock (You know you have what we want. Cookies, gates, and summony things.)

We also have an assistant leadership opportunity for the right individual. Must be able to review logs and handle/assist with call outs. (I’m a chicken, I don’t like to talk during raid :wink: ) Knowledgeable about multiple classes a plus to help raiders preform at their best!

Add me on bnet GinjurTwyste#1219 (Heroic/Normal Teams)

Interested in Mythic Opportunities? Also raiding Tues/Thursday 9 pm-Midnight!

Touch base with…
Lobine (Lobine#1866)

Swittch (Azazul#1746)

Anni (Kazenith#1199)

Powertusk (gotwilk#1224)

Malip (Malip#1178)

Maloriah (trolgar#1910)

I am interested in joining for M+ and Heroic/Mythic raid opportunities. 431 Havoc DH, reach me at Squatch#11781 on Thanks!

Hey there, looking for a solid Mythic + dungeon guild. Not sure if you need healers…i can be reached at : Banshee81#1938.

I sent you a request on bnet, i am 357 warlock, have been playing for less than a month without using the boost. looking for heroic till i learn the mechanics more then i will try the mythic.