Said no one ever

Hi, My name is Unworthy. I’m sincerely sorry for wasting anyone and everyone’s time that had the unfortunate discomfort of reading my post. Have a Blessed Day!

Firstly, this isn’t the place to vent. This is a place to report in-game bugs. Still, let’s break this down.

This is how covenants have worked since day ONE. Now, it will be changing once 9.1.5 comes around but until then switching covenants is not meant to be easy by any stretch. You are essentially betraying one to champion the other.

See this? It warns you flat out that it’s not meant to be easy to switch.

No, you simply misunderstand how tokens work. If you buy tokens with IRL money, you can only sell those on the AH. You can’t do anything else but sell them for in-game gold.

If you buy a token off of the AH with your own gold, THEN you can use that token for game time or to add money to your Blizzard Balance.

The rest of it? Just stop, take a breath and step away for a moment. If it’s not fun, don’t play it. No one is forcing you here. But I’m honestly concerned for you and all of this talk of death and dying over things that just aren’t that serious.


I’m unsure how serious your thoughts about death are, but if you feel they are the least bit serious, then please consider giving this phone number a dial: 1-800-273-8255

That’s the number for the the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They offer free and confidential support over the phone for anyone who wants it at any time. They also have a website you can visit here:

Otherwise, if you feel you can handle things yourself, then a break might be good. There’s no shame in taking one, especially if you’re not enjoying yourself.

I hope you stay well.


Just so long as you’re okay over there, that’s the most important thing. <3


I am, i appreciate you being a wonderful person. I have seen less and less of them on the nets and Wow. I miss when everyone helped each other and had fun. Almost every bg i run someone sends me hate messages. im horde but i made a new alliance character. it is night and day. you all be calling incomings. communicating and so on… i may just transfer all my toons xD