Sad Server Transfer News from a GM

Looks like everything will go belly-up before they get fixed in a hurry.

Not even sure if the bgs will be enough.

Oh well. I truly hope this can somehow help the health of the game even though I have my doubts.

Yeah, except the idiot I’m talking to is referring to the faction imbalances as “crutches”, not racials, as if every player who picked horde organized this mass imbalance since the announcement of classic.

Really? A GM can’t look at demographic data? Why? How do you know? I am skeptical of this.

the racials lead to the imbalances though. imagine if gnomes have wotf and humans had the stun resist racial. do you think most people would be horde then? no.


It’s in the patch notes for tomorrow.


Gnomes have escape artist… lmao… why do you think so many people rolled gnomes? And dwarves have stoneform. If you honestly think people don’t min/max on Alliance as well, you’re delusional. Quit your crying.

do you know what wotf does? and what two of the most powerful classes in the classic pvp meta are? escape artist isn’t even in the same league and you know this. and the orc stun resist racial is the best pvp racial in the game. there’s a reason you’re an orc and not a gnome rogue obviously.


You think Escape Artist is as good as WOTF or Stun Resist?



i was arguing with an undead mage about this the other day. i don’t know if horde is just saying this over and over again in the hopes that if they repeat it enough we’ll believe them. lol

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i hope they have hours long queues for AV tomorrow. will be so nice to them flooding the forums with tears after they’ve been trolling GD with their crap.


What you thought he would even be allowed to give you a time for something they havent said themselves. Meaning higher ups. I respect all jobs but they only tell them what they are allowed to know

Thank you, I will.

So do I, because I’ll be sitting here laughing as well. You know what would be even better? If there aren’t any queues at all, and the factions actually are balanced, and you tools were crying about superficial “faction imbalance” because your other faction members have been hiding in their cities as opposed to actually going in the world and PvPing.

i’m not on a pvp server, my dude. i’m on ateish.

gnome is BIS racial for rogue and warrior. It sounds like u dont know anything about pvp. Dwarf is BIS for shadow priest. UD racial sucks cause vs mage, warlocks and sh priest fear are useless. As sh priest its okay, still kinda useless. As rogue vs lock useless, vs sh priest only useful vs a really geared one maybe. As warrior… useless.

Only OP racial is maybe orc.

says the undead rogue. do you honestly people are going to buy this when we’ve seen how retail has played out? lol

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Im UD solely for aesthetics, I would have rolled alliance but my friends played horde. GG no argument anymore.

why would you be an undead for aesthetics when orcs look better? the only reason to be an undead is to have wotf. i say this as someone with an undead rogue in retail.

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because orc rogue is weird