Rune of The Dawn not affecting Flame wrath or Zulian slicer on undead

these two items scale at 100% spell damage

When I fight undead, Rune of the Dawn

Is not increasing

Zulian Slicers damage

Flame Wraths damage

Against any undead mobs. The damage is still thesame
Blizzard can we get a fix for this thanks?

Wraith scythe is working and benefiting from rune of the dawn but for the others not to is a big contradiction

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Same with shaman fire totems. Spell dmg vs Undead is completely broken and does not work.

3/3 Undead Cleansing Not Benefiting Shaman Fire Totems

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Anyone know if this is fixed? I will test it soon

This is STILL bugged even in 1.13.7! Rune of the dawn is not boosting Flame Wrath’s aoe that scales 100% with spell damage

Yep, same with shaman fire totems. They don’t benefit AT ALL from spell power vs undead.


This is definitely a bug along with the totems. I am astonished it existed in 1.12.
It would of been fixed if it was discovered. It’s even more ridiculous than the skullflame shield bug where it wont proc if you can’t hit people’s back.