Rsham and Hunter LF chill raiding guild

Myself and a friend are looking for an active, chill place to raid and do keys, AotC every tier maybe dabbling in early Mythic if time allows.

We’re sick of bad players with huge egos being in charge, never practicing what they preach, so a place where mutual respect is valued would be lovely.

Raid times between 7:30-11pm AEDT, preferably Wed/Thurs or Sunday.

Edit - Not looking for guilds aiming to get CE (Mythic this tier looks utterly miserable from Smolderon onwards), Frostmourne and connected realms only.


Hey! Calamity 6/9M is currently recruiting Healers/RDPS for our mythic team if you wanted to check us out <Calamity> Barthilas - 6/9M ATDH LF Heals/RDPS

Feel free to also add me on bnet: Nora#11611

Hey mate! Viridian might be the place for you, we are located on barth, we do a 1 night heroic clear on sundays from 8-11pm SVT and we raid mythic on weds and thurs night same times as the sunday night, the sunday nights are also optional but we run them every week! we are a 6/9M guild, looking to achieve CE or come close each tier whilst also banging out AOTC in the first few weeks of raid release :slight_smile: also do a plentiful amount of keys!

Discord - scargrim

Hey bud, we’re (Collusion) looking for players like you and your friend if you’re looking for a guild still, aiming for AotC every tier and then possibly venturing into Mythic if we can get a good group of people we enjoy playing with. We value vibes and respect over everything so shoot us a msg if you’re keen. (reposting from correct character, sorry.)

Discord: smuve.

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Hi, we may be a good fit. We are a social and AOTC guild. We started a bit of M because we got bored lol but not a mythic raiding guild. We love our keys too. We are on Dath’remar. my battle tag is Zwirbel#1679 and we raid 7.45-9.45pm Server time Thu and Sun