RSham and DPS LF CE Guild

As the title says, my buddy and I are looking for a guild. We’re 9/10H and 1/10M, looking to be part of a group that we can perform with and progress at a decent pace. We both have experience in CE prog environments and we want to be part of one again.

I’m playing Resto recently since ele is in a meh spot.
(209 Ele set - 206 Resto)
He has a WW Monk and SPriest relatively geared (200~)

Ideal schedule:
3day - Love Tuesday raids. :heart:
Times, 730pm EST or later

If you have room for a melee and a healer, we look forward to hearing from you.

Bnet: Dargon#11128

Whats up boys,

You’d be a perfect fit, we just need an Rsham to get our Mythic roster going :slight_smile: