[RP] Warsong Dream News: Liberty Prevails

We've recieved reports of a Warsong strike team that has launched a sudden and bold attack against an Alliance military parade. These authoritarian thugs proudly flaunt the oppression of their citizenry under the singularly "powerful" High King of the Alliance. Disgusting. God Emperor Himanshu led the brilliant blitz attack from seemingly out of nowhere. 
 Warsong Troops descended from the skies like angels to aid the citizens of Stormwind. The parade was wiped out to a man. Thank the Emperor too! Our peaceful and freedom loving world has no place for lunatics who would place all their faith in a single monolithic figure.

This has been Warsong Dream News.

Glory to the God Emperor Himanshu!


OK I know from the EDC discord people are having kittens right now but this post made me giggle…

There’s kittens? :o

The Alliance Defence Ministry confirmed 26 deaths and 41 wounded in yesterday’s terrorist attack by Warsong Battalion. Amongst the dead were 11 children. There were no military personnel in the parade and clearly, this was an act of terror directed at citizenry.

Non-partisan investigators are gathering information to assess if a war crime has taken place.

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While it was a horrible act on the part of Warsong Batallion I don’t see how you get away with third party reports on the dead. You weren’t even there Charax. The 11 children were actually dwarves.


Admittedly, it’s getting harder to differentiate human children from dwarves given the former’s propensity to consume too much Alterac Cheese.

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It looked a little something like this

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Following the recent Warsong elections, it is clear that our legions have been given an unforeseen mandate to spread democracy by our citizens, both at home and abroad.

This operation was yet another demonstration of how we are attempting to meet that call.

OOC: I was pretty surprised with the elections! The winning party won with 98% of the votes!!!