[RP] Warsong Dream News: A Fiery Rescue!

This just in! We’ve confirmed reports of a daring Warsong raid against a group of Alliance savages. The animals were caught sacrificing civilians to an ancient fire god. The fire appeared blue and -very- evil. Rumors say that when the God Emperor Himanshu heard of this, he sprung into action and immediately lead a force of Warsong troops into the region to rescue the innocent and maintain order. The Imperial Legions made quick work of any guards and other militant elements, proceeding to cut the would-be sacrifices free and throwing a few dozen gnomes on the fire for good measure. Women and children were seen showering Him with flower petals upon his departure.

While reports of the Emperor and his Legions having returned have been swirling for some time. This is the first we’ve seen in a while of direct Imperial intervention in the business of the dastardly humans in some time. Warsong’s Imperial Legions have ever been a bastion against both evil and foreign invaders. They showed they remain true to their purpose this wonderful night!

Emerald Dream’s own God Emperor Himanshu was spotted tonight! What could his return mean? Has our savior finally returned? Will we soon see the end of petty thugs in the streets of major cities? Will he be kind enough to give us his autograph?! We can only hope this puts an end to the evil practice of human sacrifice within the barbaric Alliance. We here at WDN doubt it.

Warsong Invicta!


Praise be to the Lord Himanshu, his benevolence and grace is absolute.

Hail to The God Emperor.

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Glory to the Empire

Cool I didnt know WSB and The Guard had the same RP

It is unfortunate to see this authoritarian regime rise again. Spheres of Influence will no longer be tolerated on our blessed realm. The free thinking people of Emerald Dream will unite to provide safety and succor against this unholy blemish.

Yeah do me favor and group up real close when you do.