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((Disclaimer: The goal of our staff RP is meant to augment, not exclude or inhibit. Many may choose to RP according to the (hopefully) flexible guidelines below developed by frequent patrons at the bar and previously RP’d IC owners and augmenters on the server, but we understand ultimately the Recluse is merely a visual placeholder for RP. Please coordinate with others OOCly if you are using the Recluse as the latter so we may interact with you (or leave you be) accordingly.))

Posted Rules:

All Stormwind City laws always apply in conjuction with the further stipulations listed below

  1. No drawn weapons.
  2. No harming others or invading others’ privacy.
  3. All pets, companions and summoned creatures of large* size must remain on the patio. Smaller companions must remain in their handler’s control and abide by all tavern rules.
  4. If you damage or irreversibly alter it, you pay for it.
  5. If you’re drinking to forget, pay in advance.

*Has a hard time fitting through the door.
**Recluse Staff on duty ((PCs)) reserve the privilege to grant exceptions to tavern-only rules on a case by case basis (except #2). All Stormwind City laws are always in effect. Rule offenders may be subject to a fine, community service, or temporary ban from the establishment ((as agreed upon OOCly and determined by the rule breaker. No actual gold need be exchanged; please RP responsibly.))



Minimum Manning (NPCs) - 24/7! ((I think they have clones of themselves. Or are robots. Seriously, these guys work too hard.))


Staff Hours (PCs) - ((whenever we’re on, feel like it, and announce ourselves in allianceooc/discord, but typically late in the evening server time, except for Tuesday nights, when we’ve moved to the Salty Sailor in Booty Bay ISO Feathers of Iron Tavern Night))

Player Character (PC) vs NPC manning:

PC tavern staff may be interacted with just as much as NPCs, as the NPCs are always still there ICly. PC tavern staff and volunteers may come in different roles:

Bartender - They offer a variation of drinks not offered in-game, including cocktails, spiked drinks, and yes! Perhaps even special elixirs. As PCs can move, they also allow you to wave over a bartender to place an order and they will bring your order to you. If you are going to be outside on the patio, let the bartender inside know and they will occasionally come out to check on you.


Owner/Manager - A particular staff member giving you trouble? Wish to apply for a specific role? Or merely have a suggestion or comment you wish to take to a manager, these PCs enable that interaction, and give the PC staff some actual IC top cover.


Cook - Place special meal orders not available in-game for that extra RP flavor!


Bouncer - They don’t own the place, or keep it under an iron thumb, but ICly we’d like to keep the peace and frivolity of the environment. Call a bouncer over if your characters need some extra defending against another character disrupting the peace.

Event Host

Event Host - This position is actually open to anyone who wishes to host an event at the Recluse. As a courtesy, we ask you notify any staff present if you wish to host an event that requires deviation from tavern rules ((but of course if we’re not there, we can’t do much about it, can we?)). Otherwise, feel free to walk in and hold your event as you please. If you are hosting, we’d love to know how we can help :slight_smile:


Entertainer - They bring a little extra fun to the atmosphere without being too invasive. Perhaps they are performing an act, or simply providing ambient music or sound effects upon request.


Trader - Merchants are welcome, and we encourage others to do as much in-game, in-character commerce as possible! For example, while Lana or Budii are on duty, alchemy supplies and engineering projects will be available to order from them ((for actual in-game items, we may ask for real in-game currency however, as those take actual materials and time to farm))


Janitor - Adventurers are messy, and sometimes it takes a professional to clear things up. If the janitor cannot clear it up, see rule #4.

Again, NPCs are still there and are totally acknowledged in their normal capacity.

PC Staff Members List

Lyere House, Lana Dalton, Tawny the Teenage Chef, Raven Noir, Lahkin Stoneheardt, Zaium Duskmyre, Budii, Adlanna, Maxsim Fairweather, Erali Moonstar, Olivaw Creecer

Menu Items and Kitchen/Bar Access


Ask the cook on duty (if there is one) about their current special and make any orders you like, they’ll tell you what’s available. What is ALWAYS ICly available is Noikona’s Glacial Salmon Chowder. If there is no wait staff on duty, simply walk back to the kitchen and get some from the NPC cooks who know the recipe well!

Kitchen and Bar Access

To encourage others to develop their skills, we always have public supplies available for your experimentation. Staff supplies are kept locked away for staff-provided services, but feel free to share the facilities and work spaces for their intended use. That’s right! You too can man the bar and the kitchen, but in this regard you are treated as a public event host and are still expected to abide by all tavern rules.

Event Hosting:

PCs are free to walk in and host an event any time they like; please be mindful of folks who are already engrossed in an RP event. Hosts run the show, but we ask the rules be upheld or coordinated through a staff member, if present ((again, not mandatory, but it would be nice, and we don’t think the rules are very limiting)). Ceru’Lana also enjoys providing advertisement and organizational services, so send her (me) an in-game letter or talk IC for help!** Anything from guild meetings to bachelor parties, karaoke contests and drinking game competitions, we’re all for it and want to see it!

In-Character Features of the Tavern:

((These are features of the tavern that have been referenced to and implemented through RP in the past, but are not visually present in-game due to game limitations))
Unseen Features
  1. The tavern is also an inn - the entrance to the rooms are at the top of the right stairwell through a closed door.
  2. The kitchen has a freezer/fridge chest, thanks to our friendly neighborhood frost mages.
  3. A dart board is hung at the center of the back wall on the upper level. Darts are available from Steven the Innkeeper or Raven Noir the Game Mistress, as well as various decks of playing cards.
  4. The Blue Recluse’s water supply comes from a spring separate from the city canals.
  5. Fire wards are upkept on the interior of the building to prevent mishaps from burning down the tavern.
  6. Sound dampening runes decorate the walls in the corners of the upper level, allowing for private conversations. ((use party-chat or whispers to simulate))
  7. The “Free Drinks” as advertised by the noisy Lohan through the Mage Quarter refer to all non-alcoholic drinks, i.e. milk, juice, water, and tea. All other menu items have a cost. ((in-game gold need not be exchanged, but we won’t say no if offered!))
  8. There is a side door behind the bar against the left wall that leads to the outside.
  9. There are bulletin boards on both sides of the entryway that list the details of this post. There is also a framed listing of the 5 rules listed above, hung on the right staircase.
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((Added on some new hires to the list of staff members! and giving a bump for those looking to use the Recluse with a bit of extra RP structure))

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((Thanks for putting so much effort into this post, it’s super helpful! <3 ))

Lana prints new copies of the rules and posts them back up on the bulletin board… the old copies were getting a bit faded

Someone has drawn a small green bunny in crayon at the corner of one of the posters

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“Yeah, rules! Rockin’!”
Chambliss fist bumps the poster

Bard here, willing to serenade you with a song of your choice, or listen to my world famous (in my mind) lyrics and limerics!

IC, Max is a friendly sort with a distinctive Gilnaen accent and a guitar or lute handy to play his music.

Max is also available to be hired for outside activities, from serenading your gal for you outside her window Cerano DeBergerac style or just to irritate the local constables. In game gold is not necessary, but rp is always fun!

Oh, your singing can’t be that bad, can it?


Depends on what you like, of course. Max takes requests and will sing either in key or not, depends on how much gold he is given to sing…

Besides, you know you love it when some random stranger sings raunchy songs about the Watch! I am working on some fun limericks, just for Orwyn!

As new customers and allies join the city, Lana goes about cleaning up the Recluse, dusting things off, testing the integrity of her new wall just put in since the last one got obliterated by rowdy adventurers, and looks at some extra space on the bulletin board by the door, wondering what she could possibly put there…