RP scene with WM on


Is the RP on the server as lively even with WM on?

I think it depends. Most organized events that are cross-faction, for example, operate in WM off for obvious reasons. In my experience, most organized RP is WM off. But walk-up RP will vary.

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Nah unless it is combat rp or you are just ICly looking for your character to perish in an interesting way lol

It also depends on whether you’re in a Hub like SW or Org where WM doesn’t affect who you see.

A good example is that within SW with WM on you still see the people that are there. Outside of SW at say… Goldshire, with WM on the place is a ghost town. :slight_smile:

It is a gambit of risk that really isn’t worth it without a plethora of pre-planning. (And even then, there’s no garauntee.) Warmode phases you into one of many for combat. In a group, you’ll see one antoher. But to organize it comes with a lot of work and hope from Blizzard’s end to see another group.

Thanks for the insight guys!

Yea, I wouldn’t doubt Goldshire with WM on isn’t as popping. I’m just hoping that being out in the world period with WM and seeking and enjoy wpvp wont be affected by being on MG with it on. Like when it comes to lvling in SL with it on there shouldn’t be a shortages of enemies right?

I absolutely love that idea and wish more preferred it that way.
I feel like it’d give just the right touch of immersion to the ultimate experience of what a life of war would be like on Azeroth!

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Can confirm: Goldshire with War Mode on is a ghost town.

I for one love war mode, but in my experience you have to choose one or the other: War Mode or Roleplay. Nobody does both, even if it would be friggin’ awesome!


Is it only goldshire though? And even then do people duel down there like they do on other servers with WM on?

How is the pvp activity period with it on I guess is what I’m asking?

Very low. When I level in War Mode, I rarely ever get any PVP combat and I barely ever see anyone pass by. I think people are too scared to actually try it – even on the Alliance, despite having the population advantage on Moon Guard.

My guild spends the overwhelming majority of our time WM on and can confirm you won’t see as many people unfortunately.

We don’t mind, its a small price to pay to be able to actually kill Horde when we see them. Seeing as we RP some pretty strong hatred against the Horde, we don’t like to be forced to just ignore them, ESPECIALLY if we find them putting their filthy savage feet on Kul Tiran lands.

Sadly, most guilds are too attentive to this stupid treaty to care about PvP. You’ll find exceptions, but the majority of this server could not give a care about RP-PvP ever since around Warlords of Draenor.

It’s a shame really, because my fondest memories are from RP-PvP events. But they don’t exist anymore.

All I can tell you is to try Classic. Especially on an RP-PvP server like Grobbulus. There you will find people who give a care about the good ol’ days of RP-PvP.

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Thanks everyone for your input. My friends and I are gonna go with ED for our rp and pvp needs.



Send me a tshirt!

That server is awesome.

If you place an equal weight on both I believe this is your best option - in retail.
Otherwise all Grob all the time.

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Well I realize and have seen plenty of pvp happen with Warmode off, my issues comes from the notion that finding a guild that was more pvp focused was difficult and that Warmode seemed to be rarely used as well.

One of our concerns when we transferred here from Emerald Dream a couple of weeks ago was that we’d have a difficult time finding PvP. This has turned out to not be a problem at all, and we’ve encountered other RPers with WM On, it’s just less frequent and more difficult to find than with WM Off.

I guess the difference is on Emerald Dream, the PvP tends to be larger in scale. While this can be a lot of fun, it brings other problems such as terrible lag and fights turn into 1fps slide shows. We prefer smaller scale fighting where the server tech can actually handle it… and there’s just more RPers in general here, so we get more of the small scale PvP we enjoy along with a more enjoyable RP atmosphere at the expense of not having readily available large scale PvP. It’s a good trade-off IMO.

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hmm interesting take.

I keep asking around and was told that the server with WM on was like a ghost. Something I always enjoyed was standing around GS and Duro dueling and that seemed to not be the cases since everyone there is WM off.

I wished I could have spoke with you before, but my other concern was still about finding a good pvp focused group which didn’t seem to be a option around.

Goldshire with WM on is a ghost town, yes. We’re mainly out in Kul Tiras, Zandalar or where the invasions are happening. Plenty of small scale PvP out that way with WM On.

Outside of the newer zones, we’ve also seen RPers with WM On out in Redridge. Haven’t had a chance to check out other zones. We’re still quite new to the server, just my initial impressions after a couple weeks.

Mmk gotcha.

And how would you say pvp activity is period with Wm on?