#RP-PVP Realms, Reconsider One Realm

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This pretty much. RP-PVE is fine for those that enjoy it, for the RP-PVP crowd I can’t see it working on a PVE realm.


Good morning my lovely RPPVP folks.

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Bump for RP-PVP justice.

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Put in an RP-PVP realm, please! I never got to experience them in vanilla, playing on a pure RP realm, and love the stories I’ve heard about them!


They are amazing. I am hoping folks from Emerald Dream will be in Classic.

Emerald Dream is still pretty thriving with WPPVP natural and event made.


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I’m from ED and joined it waay back in the day for the RP style WPvP. Sadly I disagree with you that the server is still thriving in the wpvp scene… looks pretty barren to me. all i see is cross realmers these days…
But yes I pray there will be a rp-pvp server in classic. Please Blizz!


I quit mid Legion, it really fizzled out? :frowning:


Yeah… all the sharding and cross-realm traffic really hurt the community…


Aw man. Here’s hoping they seek refuge in the Classic RPPVP server!

coughhinthintblizzardcough <3

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Looking barren IMO is the result of Blizzard’s infrastructure changes which destroyed communities.


I must be lucky, or maybe its just that I am not on an RP realm but the zones I am in always appear full due to CRZ and stuff. The problem is none of them are from my realm.

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RP realms don’t have CRZ They got sharding, That’s why despite moonguard being a full / high pop server WRA as well you don’t see a lot of folk. Wow is a HUGE game with tons of world and very spread out. Then if you go to stormage for example there’s people from Tich illidan etc, other high / full servers everywhere so.

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I would also like an rp pvp realm. I have played on them for a long time since the switch over and would love to enjoy it with the classic release


I support this


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