RP-PVP. A love letter. And a few Stats.


Signed. My friends and I are older now and looking for a different experience from the regular pvp servers, we had been looking forward to rolling RPPVP. There needs to be at least one server of this type.

EDIT: and there needs to be one for the EU as well!

(Lazurianis) #24

As someone dancing around the idea of RP; I always have had a soft spot for RP players, and even though I don’t partake in it much or haven’t over the years, I’m in full support of an RP-PvP server.

It only makes sense to satisfy both categories, not just one.


I do remember The Cartel. It was a great idea and generated a lot of good RP and PVP on both sides.


Please give us RP-PVP realms… there is some of us who enjoy RP and PVP both equally, you’re essentially forcing us to give up on half the enjoyment we get out of this game


I made this character on Lightninghoof a long time ago. I have so many good memories of the coolest people ever and all types of amazing guilds. I tried a lot of other servers but for me it was never the same, something always felt off and lacking.

RPPvP always felt like the perfect balance. It just attracted the kinda people that were so much fun to play with.

I really hope Blizzard will add an RPPvP server- I’d make a home there in a heartbeat :slight_smile:


Funny how things work out. I was Elveria in the same guild as you back on TN, now with Grim on WRA. So cool to see all these old faces appearing.


Oh man Elveria, so many great memories. You were the one who finally got me to learn how to keybind xD

I’m still subbed to your youtube channel so I can go back sometimes and watch the videos you made of our escapades in the Dusk Watch lol.

(Lennix) #30

Thank you for making this post. It’s good to have another voice adding to the call for RP-PVP. You better believe that I’ll be standing in the RP-PVP line on launch day! Blizzard - Do the right thing!

(Mathrenas) #31

As someone who grew up on Ravenholdt, then later participated heavily in rp-pvp on Moon Guard (rp-pve), I support this with all my being.

If not a single rp-pvp server is introduced on launch, you might as well count them as a failed experiment yet again before you even switch them on.


Vaguely. It rings a definite bell.

My guild was originally part of the Alliance “Honor Guard”. The Sword of the Morning, Ironforge Regiment, Tirisfalen(sp?), Ebon Banner, House of Arkhel… some others I’m forgetting probably.


I grew up on good old Ravenholdt. I miss it dearly.


Who was your character? :slight_smile:


I played mostly through cata/mop and mained an orc warrior named Glifberg

Edit: I suppose I rp’d more on my rogue Organika (rp name was Krogar because dumb kid name)

(Haavi) #36

Honestly speaking, as a non-RP player I don’t see why they couldn’t give you guys at least one RP-PvP server.

Sure, they may consider it to be a niche interest but realistically even if the population is only 1% of the player base, to have that number condensed into a single server would in fact provide a very lively server which would be well worth the effort.

I don’t know how this is going to all go but I hope you guys get your server. Good luck.


Thank you :slight_smile:

We are hoping too!

(Laellana) #38

PvP is to integral to the Classic experience. There are no BGs until phase 2 … and I want to RP … but … like, come on :[


I think it would be a mistake for Blizzard not to provide at least 1 RP PvP server. I would not personally play on it but I believe there is enough in the community who could keep one thriving.

Worst case scenario is the RP PvP server is created, and does not have a high enough population to keep the server healthy. If this was the case, would you be willing to be transferred elsewhere?

(Chawana) #40

RP-PvP servers seem like a no-brainer at this point.

If they’re not in, I may start losing faith like I did in retail…not because the game will be ruined, but I’ll begin questioning the decision-maker’s rationale.

My post is childish, I understand; it wouldn’t surprise me if it was completely ignored due to that tone. That said, this topic for me is more about my trust in the devs than whether or not I’m playing Classic or not. I’ll play regardless of RP-PvP, but my long-term interest my hinge on these small decisions I believe(d) to be absolutely easy to make.

Trusting the company that makes the game(s) you play matters…at least to me.


RP-PvP servers seem like a no-brainer at this point.

(Torneach) #41

RP-PvP please.

Just one server at launch is all we ask.


Yup, fun times. We should collab on what to do for Classic. I’ve been playing a lot of vanilla in the intervening years, still am even as the official launch approaches. It’s so much fun.