[RP project] Tome of Wisdom, WrA only book

Starting with the guild directory post that’s pinned at the top of the forum, I’ve reached out to most of the guilds listed there. I’ve hit up a couple of in-game events where I met others and received over a dozen participants. The great work requires more perspectives before it can go to print!

The big idea is to compile the musings of RP characters that are leaders in their respective guilds or discord communities. The Tome will be a tradable item through the TRP addon and will contain the in-character thoughts, experiences, or lessons from GMs and officers. Most have given a simple quote that reflects their RP leadership style or their outlook on the in-game world. A few have given more lengthy musings which are a good read too.

Think of it like a medieval journal with each chapter written by a different prince or regent. These contributors might impart some of the lessons they learned, declare their stance on something they care about, maybe attempt to present their side of a recent conflict, or anything else they decide with keeping in mind that others will read it.

  • Contact Symeont, the in-game/RP name for the Horde side

  • Contact Koristra, the in-game/RP name for the Alliance side

I’ve just recently started reaching out to the blues on my Alliance character.

I have met half of the contributors IC and if that’s what you would like, we can set that up.
The other half have sent a letter or two for me to record. If that works for you too, please include the character name, title, and guild you wish me to record.

It will take a few months to complete, but when it’s done it should be great! There will also be a google doc to share for those that don’t want the TRP version.

Your contribution will increase its significance greatly. It is my wildest hope that by the time I arrive at the end of my existence, this tome will be an ineffable depository of the collective wisdom of the world. —Symeont the patient