[RP News Scroll] Redwood Times #32

The newest volume (#32) of the Redwood Times is posted at your nearest Inns and Taverns!


tabs to visit: Redwood Dreams = New Writer to the Times, a Redwood member Downs Heroic N’zoth, pets, recipes and Outland appears on the Horizon

Ancient Times = Cannibalism, Big Threats Down, Wild Gnomes, Torcali

Advertisements = Grobbulus Ads, guild, events, Rumors, Rites and More

Farseer Foretells = Horoscopes for March - April

If you would like to contribute, post an ad or event, or even have a picture to share email the editor at lohkawaswildmane@gmail.com or discord u/Lohkawas/Okwaho or find Okwaho(H) or Ardrus (A) on Grobbulus

From Lohkawas of course. Go out and pvp like there is no tomorrow. I’ll catch up :slight_smile: