[RP H/A] Armistice Ball - Nov. 7

It’s that time of the year again…

The Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service proudly announces our Armistice Day Ball.

Come help us commemorate the Battle of Mt. Hyjal and support the continued current armistice between Horde and Alliance.

Everyone who is willing to peacefully share drinks and dance is welcome to attend. Formal dress recommended.

This year’s ball will be held in Suramar City, on the Concourse of Destiny.

Transportation will be provided for those who need assistance.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 7
Time: 8pm Server Time
Where: Concourse of Destiny, Suramar City
(Near entrance to Court of Stars)

Derscha Kettlebomb
on behalf of the AAMS


Shadowland’s launch was making us nervous about when/how we’d host this year’s event, but the delay has given us some extra time. (We sincerely hope we won’t be holding a ball during a world-wide disaster… or at least a virtual world-wide one.)

The Ball will once again be held in lieu of Lounge Night because that’s when it’s easiest for the guild to be available :smiley:

We recommend you purchase a few [Elixir of Tongues] from the vendor in Dalaran before attending, but the AAMS will have extra on hand just in case.


Location has been announced!

Suramar City, Concourse of Stars

It’s the raised bridge area above the entrance to Court of Stars. Thanks to pre-patch, we can use the summon stone to bring lowbies to the event. :smiley: No hostile mobs outside the ones immediately next to the stone. No flying required to reach event area once summoned.

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((OOC Post!))
As is tradition, I will be playing music during the festivities. This year I’ll be playing a small block of karaoke favorites during the party, so be sure to warm up your vocal chords, get some liquid courage, and belt out the lyrics loud enough to annoy your pets and/or neighbors!

Just open http://radio.topshell.net:8000 in your favorite browser or media player to tune in!

Oh and if you don’t already have it, be sure to bring your fruit hat. :wink:

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Thank you to everyone who came to the Ball! It was a great turnout, and apparently folks were all night well after I decided to call it quits ^.^

Special thanks to Mingonashoba for providing the music!

Also thanks to my wonderful co-leader Adassos for taking on this year’s speech.

(and condolences to my other co-leader Wildshot who spent the entire speech moonwalking)

For the interested, the full text of Adassos’ speech:

"So here we are again.

We aren’t in the best place this year, but not the worst, either.

It’s an honor for me to say that we are currently holding a tentative armistice between the Horde and Alliance at this year’s armistice ball.

However, I think we all know it’s not enough. And it probably won’t last. Not unless we use this limited time, this fleeting moment of maybe-peace to try and mend the wounds that fester under the surface.

It’s easy to point fingers and place blame, it’s easy to fight, to throw our bodies and our gold at war rather than spare our hearts and minds to communicate peace, confront the universal pain and joy we all experience, and see one another as equals who can coexist.

How can we work to grow as a united, multi-racial, faction-irrelevant people? How can we learn from the mistakes we made here in the Broken Isles, where we came together only because it was necessary to join forces to defeat the Legion?

There’s no Legion this time. But it’s important to understand our histories, and how maybe real peace is only possible when we come together for a reason other than world-threatening battle. Maybe peace can’t happen with enforced cooperation.

This year, I have a suggestion, or a challenge, if you prefer. Stop forcing yourself to accept our society and your experience as it stands, and start looking inward. Find where your own personal biases and grievances contribute to animosity towards someone else.

Factions or no, hatred and revenge will always be founded on personal pain.

Your pain is valid, your pain will help you grow. But we need to grow as individuals before we can grow as a united people. Communicate and confront the injustices that prevail, and find a productive way to solve them that doesn’t result in rage and bloodshed.

The AAMS has been, and always will be, a safe haven for those willing to have these tough conversations. We come together as a unit to do something simple, that everyone needs.

But there’s a core commitment we have, and that is to facilitate communication, whether via mail or translation services.

Think about the simple things you can do in your life to promote understanding and empathy amongst one another, and the effects will be made known.

You have already taken the first step just by being here. Make it the first step on the path to real, enduring peace.


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