Rp guild-Procrastinators!

So with the advent of the guild bank, I created a new guild to hold all my massive amount of junk like crafting mats I cannot use yet and other interesting items. It occurred to me that I am missing out on one of the things I enjoy the most. Mainly, rp.

I decided to make this little guild my rp outlet, and I would love to have a few more interested in rp to join me. I have had some experience in running an rp guild many years ago, as an Ironman challenge/rp guild. Anyone wishing to do that is encouraged and supported!

Of course we need some kind of theme. How about a fledgling Scholar Society? Mostly those who study history (lore) and explore the outside world only for discovery purposes and to gather flora and fauna to study in the comfort of the Guild hall. This can also be set up as a School for those who wish to learn more about the world of Azeroth and contribute to the good of society.

We will have crafters and servants, guards and protectors. We will need those who are willing to guide and protect the scholars as they venture into the world. Being mostly bookworms and researchers, they will have a lot to learn about the dangers in the outside world.

As an rp guild, we probably won’t do much raiding or pvp. But I would not be against anyone wishing to do those things. Please keep your main in the raiding guilds and join me on an alt for simple rp fun. We will go on field trips, assist each other in dungeons as much as we can, and in general, rp as a Scholar Society.

Please have the Classic version of TRP3 and be prepared with a background story. No need to be elaborate or complicated. You may contact me in game or here with questions.


Hey I like the premise for this. It’s a good way to make use of some really beautiful parts of the game (Horde Side). Sounds pretty straight forward too, I will have to lend you my foolish Warlock! He seeks forbidden knowledge beyond his comprehensions >:D

Thanks for the kind words Thule!

I would like to recruit more, so I can get some action going. On the BB discord server, says I cannot be given Guild leadership privileges until I get 25 accounts. I would really like to just rp, not looking for raiding or anything big, just fun rp and making new friends.

If you are looking for a small group of friends that like to rp and enjoy the game at a slower pace, please let me know. I am very open to suggestions, and to help anyone run dungeons or do harder group quests. Even if you are not in my guild, I still like to help.

If you join me on a new account or new to the server, I will give you a starter gift of bags and a few gold to help out.

I’d be very interested in joining with my orc warrior/bodyguard Cvasko. Any times in particular that are good to catch you online ?

I am on West coast, so anytime after noon Pacific time is fine. Send me in game mail and tell me a bit about your character.

He can be a guard or a student or even an instructor if you wish. Right now its only me and one other who play. We do a lot of dungeon running with Crimson Guard.