RP event ideas

Howdy denizens of Earth Ring!

I’m Zen of the guild ‘Templars of the Rose’. I’m thinking about starting up a weekly open to all RP event for Tuesdays, and I need ideas.

Taverns, harbor markets, storytelling get togethers are all great event types but perhaps it is time for something new?

What sort of public RP events would you like to see?

A few random ideas (feel free to add your own):

Engineer trade shows?

Traveling talent acts?

Scavengers hunts?

Traveling dice roll based combat tournament?

In character cosplay convention?

A few guidelines:

  1. The event (whatever it maybe) needs to be open to all.
  2. I would like this event to be able to travel to different cities. (One month in Stormwind, next month Ironforge, etc)
  3. The event should be something that’s easy to understand. (A long running story line would be cool but we can’t greet people with a wall of text to read to understand what’s going on.)

If you have any ideas feel free to post them in this thread.

Thanks for reading!


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Sounds like you have some pretty good ideas but to be honest RP on Earthen Ring has been pretty much dead for years. I won’t go into dramatics of how that came to be. I would love to see ER brought back to life. My suggestion to you would be to get a hold of members from Templars of the Rose on Alliance side. They try to host Rp events as well and I think that they try to still make it cross faction. I don’t know. My mains still live on Earthen Ring but we keep to ourselves. I wish you luck. :slight_smile: