{RP-Doc} Reflection On The virtue of Tenacity (Cult Of Forgotten Shadow)

These are the words of the ‘Sister’ Nye, speaking of the Second Virtue unto the “faithful” in Andorhal. Her words have been marked down so that all might hear:

Thy will made manifest, it is through the Second Virtue that our purpose is realised and brought to fruition. The Shadow does not demand our perfection nor does it revile us our failures, rather, it commands us to forge ahead in spite of them. When all else fails you, when your strength has left you and your kindred have fled from your sight, remember O “faithful”, that it is your tenacity that will carry you when nothing else will.

Perhaps, we who are dead know this truth above all others. We have been reborn into this world through violence, and it is only through our indomindable will that we have carved out our place upon it. Without it, who are we but ghosts of a bygone age? Do not forget that it was by tenacity that we released ourselves from the Lich King’s grip. It was by tenacity that our people found a way to resurrect the bleeding heart of our home, Lordaeron, and remade Her into our own image. And it will only be by tenacity that we continue to endure.

Purpose is what drives us, unites us, and separates us from the feral undead. But the flesh is still ephemeral and the mind is but meat and electricity. None among you are unfailing, we are not immaculate beings and still prone to error and fault. The Shadow does not deny us this. The Second Virtue does not concern itself with our mistakes, but rather our ability to learn and overcome them. We must walk before we can run. I say, do not condemn your brethren for their shortcomings, but let their consequences be dealt swiftly and in reasonable kind. A valuable lesson and an example made, but one that ever encourages self-refinement and not despair. He who allows himself to fall into abandon and surrender is not worthy of being among you, but also do not forget that we were all once only novitiates in the eyes of the Shadow. Do not allow your tenacity to cloud your judgment or your reason.

Here, in Andorhal, we recognize that our collective ambition and tenacity can indeed remake the fabric of reality in the image of our will. Look around you and see the fruits of your labour, witness what can be hard-won through the sweat of the brow and the diligence of the hand. This existence is arduous, we have before us a difficult and trepidatious path that is filled with all manner of pitfalls waiting to ensnare; and it is only through our continued practice of the Second Virtue that we will prevail.

May the Shadow guide your hand to bring into fruition your ambitions, our will made tangible by the collective consciousness of wills.

Let it be so.

Google Doc Post: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eWTUaAf85gbDQtiyzOOl6RvrQEIGG5ripXmrMVChCPs/edit

Shared with permission. Originally posted and written for the Eternal Court Of Lordaeron, Sister Nye is a member of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow. This post is shared for reading, and is not an active rp thread. Enjoy the read :slight_smile: