[RP] Cult Of Forgotten Shadow Sermons - First Sunday Monthly

"A Forsaken priest is a curious beast, their path an unusual course.
Their shadowy rites cannot come from the Light, so they seek a more sinister source.” - A rhyming poem recited by Dark Cleric Duesten

Join us for monthly RP sessions and sermons dedicated to the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow. Each session will be hosted on the first Sunday of the month at 8pm central / 9pm eastern.

As many of you know, the cult preaches balance. It mandates that shadow priests must never forget the dangers of falling too deep into the dark energies they manipulate, for it is often too hard to find one’s way back to the Shadow from the deep reaches of the darkness. We believe in the teachings of the three virtues: respect, tenacity, and power, and wish to share them with you in the form of sermons.

As our founding visionary, Natalie Selene, once said…

“The Void is filled with many whispers. The kind that should have us all worried. We cannot afford to be separated by our beliefs. We must come together as priests of both Light and Shadow to face whatever challenge may be ahead.”

:purple_circle: :purple_circle: :purple_circle: :purple_circle: Shadow Sermons: OOC Info :purple_circle: :purple_circle: :purple_circle: :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: Speaker of the Month: Bishop Sanari
:purple_circle: Monthly Schedule: The first Sunday of each month at 8 pm central / 9pm eastern
:purple_circle: Next meeting: Sept 10th, 2023
:purple_circle: Where: Tyr’s Hand Abbey, Eastern Plaguelands (You must have the questline starting with “The Brotherhood of the Light” done. This is a low level quest chain that is completable in a very short amount of time. Abbey is a proxy.)
:purple_circle: Who: Shadow users, Lightslayers, Horde, Alliance, Neutrals; anyone is welcome!
:purple_circle: Contacts: Sanari (MG-H)
:purple_circle: Server: Moon Guard, open to all RP servers.


So, I’d be thinkin’ ye’d all not want t’get a visit from a bard who wrote a song about Shadow priests…:grin:


Can’t wait to check this out. Sounds cool!


Coming up.


We’ve had a great turn out of folks in February and March! Our next sermon will be on April 2nd. It would be great to see even more people come out and hang! :smiley:


I have loved watching this project grow and honestly it is so nice to see Cult of Forgotten shadow being represented in a way like this! Its respectful, its well put together and its well thought out. I love being able to help and contribute to these players and their passion!


We have another sermon next weekend! April 2nd!! Would love to have more folks come out. :smiley:

See you at the sermon tonight.


Tonight! :smiley:

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Shurch time

Our June sermon was AWESOME! Come out on July 2nd for another. :slight_smile:


Next Sermon is now July 9th! Sorry for any confusion. Same time and place! Look forward to seeing you all.

Sunday! Come out and join!

See you there tonight, the event was bumped back a week due to scheduling needs.