[RP] All Anonymous Merchandise Swap 2021 - NEW RULES, PLEASE READ

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AAMS presents the
All Anonymous Merchandise Swap!

((IMPORTANT: Please note that our program rules have been updated from last year, so please read through the FAQ!))

Sign-ups are now open for this year’s Winter’s Veil gift swap!

Every year, the AAMS provides the opportunity for our clients to exchange gifts in an anonymous swap. If you giving gifts or receiving them, then this is the program for you!

Everyone who signs up will be asked to provide a gift for another signee. The catch is that the pairings are randomly assigned, so you may even end up paired with people from the other faction! It’s a great opportunity for creativity and surprises.

If you’d like to sign up, please add your name to this flyer or speak with your local AAMS representative.

This year’s schedule:

Dec. 5th: Last day to sign up for the program

Dec. 7th: You’ll receive a letter from the AAMS stating who to purchase a gift for. You may turn your present to the AAMS any time before January 1st.

Dec.16-Jan. 1st: The AAMS will be delivering presents!

Jan. 2nd: Any undelivered presents will be mailed.


We have decided this year to update our rules to include people who are currently in the Four Realms Discord ( https://discord.gg/rSgJHwwzAJ ) but are not currently subbed. As such, we’ve relaxed some of our restrictions and would like to put more emphasis on the RP portion of the Swap since we can’t trade game items in the Discord. However, Discord provides us with an opportunity to RP on that platform and share roleplay-based gifts! This way we can include more people and have some more flexibility. This is a major experiment for us!

Accordingly, if you are signing up and are not currently subbed, please let us know so that we can inform whoever is providing your gift so they don’t do something like buy you a pet : )

  • How do I sign up?

We are accepting sign-up on the forums, in Discord, or through RP in-game. Please provide your character’s name and your contact info. Contact information would be your character’s name and realm in-game and/or your Discord handle if you want to be contacted on the Discord server.

(I love you all, but I don’t have a perfect memory for who is which character in Discord <3 )

  • Can I sign up all my alts?

Each person entering is limited to two (2) characters max. It makes it a lot harder to pair up people randomly with other folks when six characters are all the same player…

  • What kind of gift can I send?

This is an RP event, so let your imagination be your guide. Gift this year can be entirely text-based if you want to describe a cool weapon, an interesting antique, or write a poem. You don’t have to buy anything in the game unless you want to add extra flavor. We will let you know if your gift recipient is on Discord and eligible for Discord-based gifts.

We do have some guidelines:

  • The gift must not obviously harm the courier or recipient. That’s just a general year-round rule!

  • In-game items are limited to 12 items or fewer. If you do decide to send an item, everything including notes must fit inside a single in-game letter.

  • Discord gifts must fit inside a single message and are limited to one imbed. If you are giving a text-based gift to someone in Discord, the entire description and text must fit inside a single Discord message. Any images or other files must be able to be shown in Discord without opening a web browser or application and you are limited to one link. Please don’t send a slideshow or a novel!

  • No gift cards, store items, or anything involving real money transactions.

  • If you are not subbed and want to send something in-game, we will buy one item for you …as long as that item is easily obtainable and not something that needs to be farmed.

  • How do the gifts get delivered?

Please send your gift, whether an in-game item, text message, or whatever creative idea you come up with to the AAMS. We will deliver it for you- this is an anonymous gift swap, after all!

  • Can I sign up someone who isn’t me?

You may sign up for someone else to receive a surprise gift, but you will still be responsible for providing a gift for someone else.

  • What happens if I don’t turn in a gift?

To keep things fair, we won’t give you your gift until you have turned one in. If you don’t provide a gift, then we have to scramble to create one ourselves at the end of the event and the other player is left sad waiting. Don’t make other people sad!

  • Can you please pair me up with so-and-so?

No, the pairings are random. We can’t honor requests for specific names or factions; it would go against the program! You are free to ask us to deliver an anonymous present as a separate request outside of the SWAP.

  • I’m not subbed and am not in the Four Realms Discord. Can I sign up via [other method]?

Unfortunately, no. This is a new program for us and we want to keep it as simple as possible, which means limiting it to people we can already contact easily via Discord or in-game. If you’re on one of the connected realms of Cenarion Circle, Sisters of Elune, Blackwater Raiders, or Shadow Council you are welcome to join us via this link: https://discord.gg/rSgJHwwzAJ

If you have other questions (I’m sure we’ll have plenty this year since we have new procedures!) feel free to hit me up in-game on Derscha-CC or Kezrin-CC, or in the Discord as Musicita.

I like th’ sound of this, sign me up! That’s Friannula–two n’s now, no shortening it–assigned to the Dark Iron Embassy, Stormwind.

Wher’ in Stormwind? Ah’m not too sure myself, it’s got too much sky to tell the difference. But ask f’r the Embassy, and they’ll see it get to me.

A curious sight greets those passing a particular street outside a post office in Dalaran.

Derscha Kettlebomb balances herself on top of a stool, facing a poor group of white-and-gold clad couriers who had the misfortune of once mentioning their musical talents. A human to the side holds a guitar while an elf readies a flute. A dwarf has one hand ready to strike a tambourine. In the back, a tauren is poised with a tiny little triangle. The rest of the motley crew nervously studies pieces of paper.

Derscha points her baton forward. “Ready?”

There’s some nervous glances side to side as most slowly nod… well, except for the tauren, who nods enthusiastically, holding her striker primed to start.

“And-a one, and-a two, and-a one, two, three-”

A familiar melody fills the street…

It’s that special time of year
If you want to share some cheer
And send some packages by mail

Sign up for some fun
And be paired up with someone

To swap a gift this
Winter’s Veil!

Give a gift,
Get a gift,
Both are really fun
A gift’s a gift of joy that never fails

Whether give or get,
Even if you’ve never never met,
You’ll enjoy this
Winter’s Veil!

After the song is over, Derscha claps excitedly. “Lovely work, everyone! Now remember, we’ll do this every two hours until we meet our quota! So go out there and get some sign-ups!”

Everyone hurriedly grabs several copies of the signup forms and disperses to collect signatures, except for the tauren who sits down on the street beside Derscha.

“Did you remember to broadcast that over the Hearthstone, Olu?”

“I’m pretty sure it did.”

“Excellent… now we wait!”

Sign me up. I’ll pass the word along to Arete.

Thanks to AAMS for continuing this tradition, but did I see no pets?!

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Not so much “no pets” as “be mindful that some people are not actually subbed to the game right now and can’t receive pets”

We’ll let you know if the player you’re paired with is subbed or not so you’ll know if it’s safe to give a pet!

I hope this is where to sign up for the gift exchange. I’m not a member of AAMS, but am in BOTL - is that ok? My character is “Larken Gahrron.” My Discord id is Myhrel#7656. I am subbed, so pets are OK. And I’m on the Cenarion Circle server <–(Realm?).

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Letters will go out once my brain recovers from stuff.

I’ll sign Orwyn and Chambliss up! Could I sign up my character Beatty from Moonguard too, if it’s for a Discord delivery?

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I was just getting around to drafting the letters, so I can sneak in Orwyn (I already had Chambliss on the list) but the limit it two characters per player.

Going to officially say submissions are closed!

The quartermaster flipped the dangling end of the kerchief back behind him, and fixed an eye on the guardswoman. He was used to was used to having rest delayed by Friannula and her news of the latest crisis–shipwreck survivors were rowed in and need food now! There’s been a collapse, get us all the carts you can find at this hour! And more. But this?

“Can it be fixed?” Friannula held the mess of material out.

“Ye don’ practice this often, do ye?” He looked over it for a long moment, scratched his chin, and sighed.

“Give it here, an’ get tha’ box over there. We’ll see wha’ can be done.”