[RP: A/H] Armistice Day Ball 2023

The Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service
is pleased to invite you to our annual

Armistice Day Ball

:star: November 18, 8pm Server :star:
Court of Stars, Suramar

Every year, the AAMS hosts a ball to commemorate the Battle of Mt Hyjal and celebrate the spirit of cooperation.

We request the presence of all our clientele for a night of food, dancing, and of course, speeches, all while enjoying the splendor of Suramar’s Court of Stars.

Formal attire is requested but not required.

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Ball keeps slipping later and later into the year, but we’ve finally settled on this year’s date!

Location is once again the Court of Stars in Suramar; there is a nearby summon stone for ease of travel. We will have extra Elixir of Tongues on hand, but we do recommend you buy some in the conveniently nearby Dalaran.

Warmode off, no PVP flags, please : D

Anyone needing additional travel assistance or anchoring, please speak with a member of the AAMS.

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A slight figure made its way across the snow towards a spartan cabin. crunch crunch crunch From a distance, it was little more than an animated fur-lined cloak crossing a worn path from the shore to what barely passed for a building. The door opened, and a pile of mail was unceremoniously deposited on the rough-hewn table in the middle of the room. The cloak turned and hung itself on a hook by the door. From its voluminous folds, an undead woman materialized and plopped herself down at the table. She began to open the latest batch of correspondence.

Ingrid Wiener,

We’ve been trying to contact you about your Mechanostrider warranty…

“Do I look like a gnome?” she growled as the crumpled paper landed in the fireplace.

Dear Ms. Vinter,

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Booty Bay Bank and Trust. Enclosed, please find your latest bank statement, including your quarterly retirement distribution from account: AAMS All Azeroth Messenger Service dba Anytime Anywhere Messenger Service

She quickly scanned the document, “Still in the black,” and tossed it into the fire as well.

To the Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Patron(s)/Mentor(s)/Individual(s) of Allumina Vinter-Zharikov:

Thank you for the timely tuition payment for the final semester of courses at Frostwhizzle Veterinary Academy: your trusted educational partners for 136 years and counting! We look forward to seeing you and your student (or self) at graduation this spring.

Engrid cracked a soft smile. She hadn’t been able to provide much in the way of a “home” for the Silvermoon orphan she and Raoul had sponsored long ago, but at least she’d been able to make sure the child had a good education. It was hard to believe the girl was all grown up.


I saw this poster at school. Isn’t this where you used to work? I know you don’t like to leave Northrend, but maybe you could go to the party? It looks like fun.

P.S. Thanks for all the fish, but I am a vegan now, so please don’t send any more. Working with animals made me realize we really shouldn’t be eating them.

Mina V-Z

The invitation was quite snazzily decorated. The reclusive former mage, now fisherwoman, tilted her head, “Perhaps that -would- be fun. I do still have some nice dresses, after all. I might even see a few familiar faces.”

Engrid’s eyes settled on the case of freshly canned salmon ready for shipment to Mina. She threw the “Vinter’s Smoked Seafood” labels into the fire and got out her ink and quill. “Deluxe Cat Food.”


(( squeals and hugs kneecaps ))

((Just a heads up for peeps, I won’t be here this year for my traditional role of playing music, but I will be putting together a playlist and making sure it streams during the party. Have fun and conga without me! :heart:))

((Oh hello again! So I am getting the playlist ready, and it will be live around 2:00:00 AM. You’ll be able to tune into the music by opening the following URL into any modern music player, or just directly in your web browser:

The first hour will be slow, kind of quiet background stuff for mingling, the tempo won’t really pick up till the party starts. Since this will not be a live-mix, I won’t be able to take requests, I’m sorry! :cry:))

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[[I’ll be there!]]

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This year’s speech was given by Adassos Aardynix, CFO+other stuff? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

"Here we are again. In peaceful times once more.

I’ve spent time wondering if I even need to do this job anymore. If we even need to hold this event now.

But I think spending time reflecting on the history of Azeroth, our factions and their conflicts and armistices, has helped remind me why we’re here.

I’m grateful for our ‘new normal’ and the life its allowed us to live. But at what point does the gratitude turn into complacency?

How can we ensure that we are not one well-crafted propaganda, one misunderstanding, one frustration away from war?

It’s easy for us to call someone an enemy. To get angry, to want revenge.

It takes real courage to look at others of a group as people. To take a step back and consider the pain, injustice, systemic or historic issues, culture, and life of others that people in power tell us to call villains.

Can the rallying cries of “for the Horde” or “for the Alliance” be ones celebrating intercultural pride, rather than the horns of war and competition?

But why even reduce us to our socio-political ties, when there is so much diversity within our factions?
Depersonalizing labels can lead us into that insidious complacency. That will make it easier the next time you hear the call to war.

Have any of you caught yourself seeing someone from the ‘opposite faction’ and thought of them first as a ‘Horde’ or ‘Alliance’ citizen, but when you see someone from your own, you first see them for their race, their features, their voice?

And when you go home to your friends and family, or maybe just to yourself – you see them as their names, as individuals too complex to reduce?

Look at people as they are. People with lives like your own. If you can, learn their names. Listen to a story.

I want my children who were born during the armistice to only know peace. I want the elders who have seen decades of conflict to rest knowing they are free. I want all of us, here, to live our lives whatever ways we dream of.

We’re never too young, old, jaded, tired, hurt…to have hope. To choose love and compassion. We have the power to maintain our current armistice through that value. We can’t lose sight of it, no matter how ‘normal’ it gets.

So let’s use this time to reflect and remember all the years we’ve been here, doing this peace thing, but not lose sight of the best part about peace – getting to have fun with everyone."

Adassos puts up his fingers in the peace symbol, then says, “Let’s turn things back up and enjoy the rest of the night. Thanks for being here, everyone.”