[RP A/H] Armistice Ball 2022

TL;DR version:

Armistice Ball
November 5th, 8 pm Server
Court of Stars, Suramar.

Food. Music. Dancing.
Everyone’s invited.

At the AAMS Headquarters in Booty Bay…

“Miss Kanzelry, a word?”

The goblin manager looked up from her paperwork with a puzzled look. “Yeah?”

Derscha Kettlebomb stood in the office doorway, holding up a slightly worn-out parchment in her hand. “I asked you to draft this year’s Ball announcement, is this supposed to be it?”

“Yeah, not ‘xactly a hard job since I had last year’s on hand for reference. Also helps we ain’t changing the venue like we used ta.”

“This is last year’s announcement but with the date crossed out.”

“Did somethin’ else change?”

Derscha crossed her arms. “Miss Kanzelry. This is our biggest event of the year. You can surely take a few minutes to at least write something original.”

The goblin sighed and rolled her eyes. “It’s a formal invitation. It ain’t gonna be original. It’s just gonna say the same thing it always says, just maybe with a few words swapped around. ‘Sides, I don’t think people keep souvenir copies, so no one’s gonna notice.”

“Do better, Miss Kanzelry.” Derscha placed the paper on the corner of the desk. “We don’t want anyone to think that we’re being lazy or complacent about such an important event. If writing in a more casual style is what it takes, feel free to use your discretion.”

“Really?” Kezrin gave Derscha a suspicious look. “Okay, fine. One sec.”

She promptly flipped the page over and used her pen to swiftly write a new copy. The ink was still drying as she returned it to the AAMS CEO. “There. No flowery language, just the essentials.”

“This is only….” Derscha did a quick count, “…six words long.”

“Hey, it’s at least twice that if ya include all the date and time stuff.”

Derscha considered the new copy with a thoughtful hmm. “Perhaps this could work. This could be the new tone for this year’s Ball. Folks would probably appreciate your particular brand of expression, and it has been a few years since the last time you gave the speech-”

“Oh no you don’t!” Kezrin snatched the paper out of Derscha’s hands. “I’ll rewrite the announcement, jus’ don’t get any ideas ‘bout changin’ things up.”

Derscha simply smiled and headed to the door. “Drop that off when you’re done. I expect a word count of at least seventy-five!”


Presented by the
Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service

To our esteemed clientele and friends,

The Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service is proud to announce our annual Armistice Day Ball.

We cordially invite everyone to join us in honoring the heroes of the Battle of Mt. Hyjal. As once the members of the Alliance and Horde joined together to fight a common cause, let us come together for a far more enjoyable evening of goodwill, food, and dancing.

Formal attire is requested, but not required.

When: November 5, 8 pm Server
Where: Court of Stars, Suramar


This is a cross-faction event that all are welcome to attend. Mingonashoba is once again on board for providing music! We hope to have a fun night RPing with everyone.

Lounge, of course, will be canceled that evening. :smiley:

We recommend you purchase a few [Elixir of Tongues] from the vendor in SL Dalaran before attending, but the AAMS will have extra on hand just in case.

Elixir Link


[[Excellent! I can’t wait for the party to start!]]


((And as is tradition, I’ll be spinning tunes during the Ball! A musical mix of 80s, 90s, modern, mashups, and whatever else I can find and throw into the ol’ garrison jukebox.

Music stream will be at http://radio.topshell.net:8000/index.html – Simply open in any browser, or even mobile device, and there is a built-in player.))

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((And don’t forget your Mesmerizing Fruit Hat!))

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((Some of y’all forgot your fruit hats. I see you, I see you. :joy: Listed below should be the entire playlist from the ball. I will be trying to recreate this on Spotify for future listening, but as they don’t have mashups on there, expect a number of missing songs. Thanks for coming out to the ball and for listening! :sparkling_heart:))

Play Time Artist Title
- Preshow/sound checks
18:30 Steve Carlisle WKRP in Cincinnati
18:33 These Machines Martina (feat. Rafael Berrio) (Club Edit)
18:39 Deep Mind True (original mix)
18:45 Bag Raiders Shooting Stars
18:49 Massive Attack Teardrop
18:54 The Bombdroppers Nightbeat (Skeewiff Mix)
18:59 Asian Beets Culture Mandeer
- Armistice Ball Begins
19:01 Dust Devil D-Code
19:05 Unknown A-Team vs. Beastie Boys - Intergalactic Team
19:09 Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation
19:15 Neil Cicierega Spongerock
19:17 Plastic Bertrand Ça Plane Pour Moi
19:20 Adam Ant Goody Two Shoes
19:23 a-ha Take on Me
19:27 Oingo Boingo Dead Man’s Party
- Speech Begins
19:32 George Benson Give Me The Night
19:35 Michael Mcdonald I Keep Forgettin’
19:39 Christopher Cross Sailing
19:43 Patti Austin & James Ingram Baby Come To Me
19:47 Boz Scaggs Lowdown
19:52 Air Supply Even the Nights Are Better
19:55 Christopher Cross Ride Like the Wind
- Speech Ends
20:00 Walt Disney And Now, For Our Feature Presentation
20:00 ElectroSound Back To The '80s (Huey Lewis vs. INXS vs. Lipps Inc. vs. Ray Parker Jr. vs. B-52s vs. Survivor vs. Phil Collins)
20:04 FakeID The Reflex (Only Child Mix) (Duran Duran vs. FakeID)
20:10 Lobsterdust Tainted Jesus (Soft Cell vs. Depeche Mode)
20:13 Deelite Groove Is In The Heart
20:16 Vengaboys We Like To Party
20:20 Groove Armada feat. Gram’ma Funk I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Radio Edit)
20:24 Haddaway What Is Love (7 Mix)"
20:28 Adam Ant Desperate But Not Serious
20:32 Oingo Boingo Weird Science
20:35 Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science
20:40 Dexy’s Midnight Runners Come On Eileen
20:44 Men Without Hats Safety Dance
20:47 Cindy Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
20:50 David Bowie Modern Love
20:54 New Order Bizarre Love Triangle
20:58 Harry Belafonte The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
21:02 Miami Sound Machine Conga
21:06 Nu Shooz I Can’t Wait
21:09 Madonna Vogue (Bit Error Radio Edit)
21:14 Janelle Monáe Tightrope (ft. Big Boi)
21:18 Lizzo Good as Hell
21:20 DJ Tripp Express This Way (Madonna vs Lady Gaga)
21:25 Respect Feat Hannah Jones I Am What I Am
21:29 FuTuRo Boys Who Luv Boys (Will Survive) (Blur vs. Gloria Gaynor)
21:33 Slip & Shuffle featuring Leoni HIGH ENERGY (John ‘00’ Fleming Remix)
21:34 The Kinky Boyz The Only Way Is Up
21:38 DeeM Wrecking People (Miley Cyrus vs. Village People)
21:42 Lobsterdust Stronger Enough (Kelly Clarkson vs. Michael Jackson)
21:46 A Plus D Don’t You Want My Bad Romance (Lady Gaga vs. Human League)
21:51 DJ Miko What’s Up
21:55 Smash Mouth All Star
21:58 Pisa&Zigo Harder Better Zelda (Legend of Zelda vs. Hardwell vs. Daft Punk)
22:02 Jupiter Gatling Cruel Angels Must Die (Neon Genesis Evangelion / Yoko Takahashi vs. The Prodigy)
22:04 Avicii vs Rick Astley Never Gonna Wake You Up (Get Knocked Down) (NilsOfficial Mashup)
22:09 Grandayy We Are Number One but Wake Me Up When Net’s All Over
22:11 pomDeter Head Like Rio (Nine Inch Nails vs. Duran Duran)
22:16 Isosine Taylor Swift vs. Nine Inch Nails - Shake It Off (The Perfect Drug)
22:19 MadMixMustang Let’s Dance N Stuff (David Bowie vs. Deadmau5)
22:24 Kylie Minogue Love At First Sight (Ruff & Jam USA Radio edit)
22:27 Daft Punk Da Funk
22:33 Rihanna Don’t Stop The Music (Jody Den Broeder Big Room Edit)
22:38 Janet Jackson Feedback (Moto Blanco Radio Edit)
22:42 Kelis Acapella (Dave Aude Radio)
22:46 Les Rythmes Digitales Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
22:50 Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice
22:55 Max Graham Vs Yes Owner of A Lonely
22:58 M Razzia 2 (Radio Mix)
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Armistice Day Ball 2022
Location: Concourse of Destiny, Suramar City
Given by Derscha Kettlebomb
November 5, 2022

This “speech” is a bit different as it’s more of a flowchart for performing a “magic trick.” Which section gets read depends on the card the volunteer picks.

/e stands in front of a small card table that’s been set up in the speech area.

/s Good evening, everyone! Welcome to this year’s Armistice Ball.

/s It’s good to be back here, isn’t it? Once more in Suramar. Commemorating the Battle of Mt Hyjal. Bringing folks from all walks together.

/s I’m sure by now many of you know the beginning of this speech as well as I do. As Miss Kanzelry reminded me, we do tend to repeat ourselves.

/s So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to change things up a bit. Instead of regaling you all with a speech I thought… Perhaps you’d like a magic trick?

/e withdraws a deck of cards from a pocket. It’s a normal sized card deck with a gold and yellow pattern on the back. She waggles it in her hand and looks at the audience expectantly.

/s Now, naturally, as with every good magic trick I need a helper from the audience. Any volunteers?

//wait to see who volunteers and picks someone

/s You! Wonderful! Come ‘on stage’ with me, would you? And please introduce yourself to the audience.

//waits for intro AND DO CUT/PASTE to put in volunteer’s name (opt+shift+h)

/s Thank you, Luci. Do me a favor and stand right there? I’ll be back to you in a moment.

/e starts idly shuffling the gold and yellow cards.

/s Now, I have been thinking a lot lately about life and our role in our own fates. Some think there’s some sort of grand plan. We’re little more than cogs in a clockwork machine, set inevitably in motion long ago.

/s Then there’s the idea that life is chaos, an unpredictable mess, doomed to eventual entropy. Either way, what we chose to do doesn’t seem to change the outcome.

/s But… I like to think life is more like this deck of cards.

/e fans out the cards to the audience, showing they’re a variety of shuffled cards in red and blue rather than red and black.

/e plucks out a red King of Hearts with a picture of Orgrimmar and a blue King of Spades with a picture of Stormwind and shows those off.

/s I’ve had this deck specially commissioned. Red and Blue for… well, I think you get the analogy. And I find it’s important to use both colors because who wants a CEO who’s not playing with a full deck, hmm?

/e places the two cards back in the deck and shuffles it some more.

/s The thing about card decks is that while it’s always the same cards being shuffled, there are so many different combinations that it’s impossible to get the same order twice.

/s There’s a unique deck for every person, even if we’re starting with the same cards.

/s Luci, tell me when to stop shuffling. That will be YOUR deck.

//waits for being told to stop

/e stops the shuffling and fans out the deck, face down, in front of the volunteer. “This is your deck now. No one, not me, not you, knows the order of the cards. Nor will it be the same as anyone else’s.”

/s Please pick any card you like and take a look at it without showing me. You can show it to the others, if you like. I promise you it’s completely your choice to make.

///w ((Go ahead and pick any card you like. Feel free to whisper your choice to anyone, but please don’t post it where Derscha/Kezrin can see it : D ))

//waits for choice

/s Thank you! Now put the card back in the deck and then you can continue to stand there for a bit longer, if you don’t mind!

/e starts to shuffle the deck again, moving to behind the card table set up earlier.

/s One of the other reasons I like a deck of cards is that even though it’s just one set of cards, there are so many things we can choose to do with it. We choose what games to play. Old Maid, Solitaire, Gnu, War…

/e sets the deck down on the table. “Or perhaps we can just relax and ‘Go Fish’!”

/e dramatically whips the top card off the deck, revealing a purple Joker card, stylized as a drawing of a Pandaren fisherman.

/s Did you think there were only 52 cards in this deck? There’s more than just red and blue in life, and always a wildcard that wasn’t accounted for.

/e gives the joker card an annoyed look. “And this card DOES like to show up where it’s not expected.”

/e carefully sets the joker face down on the side of the table, then picks up the deck to do a few more shuffles.

/s But it’s true that a lot of games are determined before they start by what shuffle you get. No matter how good you are at Solitaire, there’s some game you’ll never be able to win. It all comes down to what is in YOUR deck.

/e stops shuffling and drops the deck on the table with a thump of finality.

/s This is MY deck. And I’m not much for Solitaire.

/s I prefer… poker.

/s Why? Because even though I’m still stuck with whatever the deck gives me, poker is more about how I chose to use those cards. It’s about calculating odds, taking risks, and measuring up the other players.

/s The rest of my act relies on what cards I’ve been dealt. It’s time for a five card draw.

/e turns to give Luci an intense look while she picks up cards one by one, not looking at them, but holding them out so that Luci and the audience can see each card as it’s drawn.

/e keeps watching Luci’s reaction while picking a Five of Hearts.
/e adds a Ten of Spades.
/e hesitates a moment, then adds an Eight of Diamonds, still not looking at which cards she’s picking.
/e draws a Queen of Spades, featuring a picture of Ironforge.
/e draws her last card: the purple Pandaren Joker card.

/e sets the rest of the deck on the edge of the table.

/s Now, if life’s truly random, there’s about a 9.6% chance that Luci’s card has been removed from the deck.

/e shows the cards to Luci. “Without telling me your card, is it one of the ones I am holding?” ((5 of Hearts, 10 of Spades, Eight of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, or Joker))


/s Really!? Which one?

//5,10,8, or Q

/e turns the cards to look at them herself.

/s Amazing! We got lucky today. But… oh dear. I told you that Joker likes to sneak in…

/e picks up the other face down card, actually a Three of Clubs. All the cards are set face down neatly in a pile.

//If for some reason they say Joker….

/e turns the cards to look at them herself.

/s What the…! I TOLD you the Joker likes to sneak in when it’s not expected.

/e picks up the other face down card, actually a Three of Clubs. All the cards are set face down neatly in a pile.


/e frowns and turns the cards to look at them herself.

/s Oh dear. That Joker’s playing tricks again.

/e sets the Joker face down on the side of the table. She picks up the other face down card, actually a Three of Clubs, showing it to Luci.

/s Is THIS your card? ((Three of Clubs))


//((I just amazed everyone with a trick that only has a 1/52 chance of succeeding. GO ME))

/e grins. “Goes to show you that it’s unwise to discount the wildcards.” She adds the Three of Clubs to the rest of her hand.

/s Now, while you’re busy being impressed, let me assure you that Luci really did have a free choice earlier. I’m just clever.

/s We often get dealt terrible poker hands, but we can still get the cards we actually need.

/e folds the hand of cards and sets them on the table in a neat pile face down.

//IF NO ((aka the most likely ending for this scenario))

/e sighs with disappointment. “Well, I bet you all thought I’d have the card, that everything would just… magically work out?”

/s But the truth is, Luci really did have a free choice and I really didn’t know how this was going to unfold. That is life.

/s It does feel like life deals us terrible hands most of the time, doesn’t it? How are we to win when the deck is stacked against us?

/e folds the hand of cards and sets them on the table in a neat pile face down.

/s The truth is, this was never about forcing a card choice. I don’t believe in forcing a choice on others. But neither do I believe in leaving my fate to the whims of the cards.

/s But you know what I do believe in? I believe that if we come together, both red and blue, and maybe allow for the unexpected….

/e picks up the top card in the small pile, the purple Panderen Joker, showing it to the audience while her other hand spreads out the remaining cards on the table.

/s Together, I think we can turn a bad hand into a winning one.

/e slips the Joker under the end of the spread out cards, using it to flip them over. The five cards now are a PURPLE ROYAL FLUSH with the AAMS logo as the suit.

/s That’s how we’ll win the game.

/s I hope everyone enjoyed our little show! Please thank Luci for being a wonderful volunteer and give them a toast!

/s Now go enjoy yourselves!

Luci picked an Ace of Spades, so the last “No” section was used.

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