[RP A/H] 2022 Return of the Lovelygrams™!

This is a post for an open roleplaying prompt for the RP community to celebrate Love’s in the Air, not an outside advertisement.

2022 Return of the Lovelygrams™

It’s the romantic season
And if you need a hand
Use our expertise and
Send some Lovelygrams™!

That’s right! The Bards of the Lion and the Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service are bringing back our Lovelygrams™ for this year’s Love is in the Air.

So if you have a special person you’d like to send a treat, give us a call! We will provide you choice of a basket of goodies and one professionally written holiday message by certified* members of the Bards of the Lion.

If you’d like to place an order, take one of our pamphlets, fill out a form, and turn it in to the closest AAMS courier** or AAMS office. Pre-orders are available now for delivery at the start of the holiday season. Orders will be closed on Feb. 16th to give us time to deliver before the end of the event.

There’s no better way*** to say “I’m thinking of you” than to send a Lovelygram™!

There’s no point in waiting
Get ahead of the demand
So stop your hesitating
Send a Lovelygram™!

Sender: ____________
Recipient: __________
Basket: _____________
Poem: ______________

Special instructions or additional message:

*the AAMS has been assured that all members of the Bards of the Lion who agreed to participate are certified.
**Miss Kanzelry would like to remind certain mages that they are not allowed to turn any object or person into certain couriers.
***that doesn’t involve actually talking to the person


We’ve decided to bring back Lovelygrams™ as they went over so well last year.

Options for poems and baskets are below so folks can read over them before talking to the AAMS; there’s a lot of options this year!

As with the previous All Anonymous Merchandise Swap, if you want to deliver to someone who is in the server Discord and not currently subbed, we can do that. They just won’t receive the in-game items along with their message.

If you’d like to send a package, please talk to an AAMSer in game or contact us via the Four Realms Discord (https://discord.gg/CS3mUun 1)

You can contact me via Musicita on Discord and I’ll reply when I’m able. In game, you can drop into the /AAMSOOC channel on either faction and ask for assistance. We usually have someone available in the evenings.


Lovelygram™ Options:

I’ve placed the options in drop-down options so no one will accidentally read a poem if you’re hoping to be surprised by receiving one.


Basket Options:


Classic Floral Basket:
Sunkissed Wine x5
Beautiful Wildflowers x1
Red Rose x1

Bakery Basket:
Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate x1
Deep Fried Butter Cookies x5
Chocolate Cookie x5
Cocoa Flatcakes x5

Honey Pot:
Northrend Honey Mead x5
Honey Croissant x5
Honey-Spiced Lichen x5
Honey Glazed Ham x5

Candied Confections:
Candied Walnuts x5
Candied Brightbark x5
Candied Zin-Azshari Sea Grapes x5
Candied Apple x5

Fruit Basket:
Dalaran Apple Bowl x1
Dried Mango x5
Plump Fig x5
Azsunian Grapes x5

Donut Delights:
Rylak Claws x5
Fried Sweet Bread x5
Dalaran Doughnut x5
Darkmoon Doughnut x5

Cheesy Affection:
Freshly Baked Bread x5
Dalaran Sharp x5
Chilton Stilton x5
Sunkissed Wine x5





You are forever on my raid team.

No matter the quest, I want you in party.

You add the world to my warcraft.

You’ve covered my back side more than all my cloaks put together!

You: There’s no one I’d rather face the Jailor with.




With a caress I sleep
With love I breathe deep

Laughs and smiles
You smell like the isles

Fish fingers and custard
You are as beautiful like mustard

Like Sunsets and stars
Your care shines far

Someone loves you deep and true;
if I weren’t so bashful, I’d tell you who.

Wherever we may roam,
In your arms I’m home

The weather is cold
But you’re hot

Sending you warmth this winter
May you find peace and joy, friend

LONGER POEMS (3+ lines)


Lingering regret
Passion’s heart forever scarred
Can we start over?

I witness the warmth return
With rain and shine washing over me
my love for you blooms anew

Hello? Sun peeks in
Yawn … Earth reluctantly wakes
Life marches onward

Stalwart souls survive winter
Huddled together in fire’s warm glow
forging unbreakable bonds

You are the magic in my spells,
the buffs to my health,
the aura surrounding me,
and the enchantment on my life.

For my love and always,
may you partake in this delight,
and know that thoughts of you
are what keep me sane at night.

This token is only a fraction
Of my ever-growing attraction
But love never grows
As time only knows
Through a hopeful partner’s inaction

A good friend is hard to find
And here, I say, what should be told:
I’m thankful our paths have intertwined
For your friendship is worth more than gold.

Let not the dark times overwhelm you,
but keep you strong and learning.
And when you need a light to ground you,
I’ll keep my lantern burning.