[RP] 2023 Lovelygrams™

Sweet words, sweet basket,
What is this program?
Well, now that you’ve asked it-
It’s a Lovelygram™!

The Bards of the Lion and the Anytime, Anywhere Messenger Service are pleased to once more offer our Lovelygram™ services!

This is your chance to send your special person a gift to show how much you love and/or appreciate them!

(Or maybe just to confuse someone, we’re not picky.)

The Bards of the Lion have hand-crafted a set of lovely poems and messages for you to chose from, along with expertly curated gift baskets from the AAMS. All you have to do is select which ones you’d like to send and we’ll handle the rest for you. Anonymous deliveries are available for those not willing to own up to their sentimental side.

Sign-ups are available starting now!

Deliveries will begin at the start of the Love is in the Air festival.

Sign up and help US help YOU spread love this season!

Make love explode
Whammo, blam!
With gift and with ode,
Send a Lovelygram™!

Editor’s note:
The poems in this announcement were written by our lovely CEO Derscha Kettlebomb and should not be taken as representative of the Bards of the Lion.

OOC Info:

To be inclusive of the entire Four Realm roleplaying community, we have multiple ways to sign up.

  • Talk to a member of the AAMS in-game
  • Add a reply to this forum post
  • Talk to an AAMSer in the Four Realm Discord (invite: https://discord.gg/rSgJHwwzAJ )
  • Use the handy-dandy SendyBot in the Four Realms discord for automated sign-up
    ( command: ‘/lovelygram-request’ )

We can deliver to someone in Retail, or elsewhere if they’re a member of the Four Realms Discord.

If you’re replying to this thread, we’ll need to know the following:

Recipient IC Name:
Recipient Character-Realm name:
(If you want delivery outside of Retail and we need contact information for that person, please talk to us directly in the Four Realms Discord or via in-game methods. We do not want to publicly post someone’s information without their permission on public forums)

Basket Choice: (Select from list in next post)
Poem Choice: (Select from list in next post)
Is this delivery anonymous? (Y/N)
Optional Note from yourself:________________________

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Basket Options

Classic Floral Basket

Classic Floral Basket:
Sunkissed Wine x5
Beautiful Wildflowers x1
Red Rose x1

Bakery Basket

Bakery Basket:
Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate x1
Deep Fried Butter Cookies x5
Chocolate Cookie x5
Cocoa Flatcakes x5

Honey Pot

Honey Pot:
Northrend Honey Mead x5
Honey Croissant x5
Honey-Spiced Lichen x5
Honey Glazed Ham x5

Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket:
Dalaran Apple Bowl x1
Dried Mango x5
Plump Fig x5
Azsunian Grapes x5

Doughnut Delights

Doughnut Delights:
Rylak Claws x5
Fried Sweet Bread x5
Dalaran Doughnut x5
Darkmoon Doughnut x5

Sweet On You

Sweet on You:
Sugar Dusted Choux x5
Sugarwing Cupcake x5
Sweet Ricecake x5

Spice of Life

Spice of Life
Spice Bread x5
Spicy Mushy Noodles x5
Yan-Zhu’s Blazing Brew x5
Carnivorous Chili Poppers x5

Poem Choices


I don’t think I need a dragon hoard, you’re the only one I need.


Call me for a Pentagold time.




Wanna be my Thundering Buddy?


I’m out of Vigor. Can I ride you instead?

Cold Wind

Cold wind blows inside
Gloves and cloaks and furs come off
Your love keeps me warm


Blanketed in snow
Fire warms hearts and breaks the ice
Love is in the air


I send this billet-doux to you,
In hopes my love will shine through.
It may not be the greatest rhyme,
But the heart behind is all mine.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
My mount has room for two.


The allure of a wishing star,
In a cold and ample night,
How it flashes by unheeded,
While I marvel in your light.


Words are few,
Where eyes are true.
A look,
And love stirs anew.


I sail a sea of silly voices,
All murmuring to me,
They challenge all my choices,
And what I ought to be.

I may well reel in wicked weather,
But won’t be brought below,
So long as we’re together,
I’ll hunker down and row.

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