Rogues need Burst of Speed back

Please consider giving Assassination Rogues Burst of Speed back.
This was a very fun ability that I think the spec is desperately missing.
Giving Assassination a 2nd Shadowstep or Shadowdance feels very wrong.
You’re not getting the added bonus of Shadowdance energy restore or SD damage output. It’s just a flavor capstone at this point that is extremely out of place.


Burst of speed was busted.

I mean I’d happily take it, but I have a greater chance being struck by lightning on the way to cash in a winning lottery ticket.

I also am not crazy about shadowdance in the class tree. But we also don’t have to take it and the alternatives are looking good.


Giving some of the other spec identity as a optional choice may feels right, if it works from both sides. This is totally different and hard to say what drived dev to make these as choices (Shadow Dance, Shadowstep, Deeper Stratagem) and not others.

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BoS should still be in the game. I think they took it out of the game cause it was a noob trap and I remember using it like a noob.

Anytime I got slowed I popped it lol. It cost like 40 energy and was on the gcd. I never had energy to do anything.

Bring it back I say


Yep. It was the biggest noob trap. It was a terrible ability.

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Broken af in RBGs. PvPers sorely remember the rogue FC meta.


no they dont and never will

No, its broken as hell.

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pve could use burst of speed. Its not going to be that broken.

But its quite unbalanced in pvp because it breaks slows and gives rogue more mobility than it already has. For that reason its probably not going to return in its old form.

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I just miss being able to speedrun old content, nothing like a 15 minute ICC 25.

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