Rogue Thought: Who was telling Azshara to 'let go' in her Warbringers Teaser?

Was going back and reviewing old cinematics and quests because we know Azshara and Xal’atath are going to be relevant either towards the end of the War Within or in the Twilight Expansion, and this cropped up.

Before the waves completely crush the capital of the Kaldorei Empire, Azshara hears a woman’s voice, telling her to ‘let go, it is over’.

She refuses, her barrier collapses, and the waters drag the capital to the bottom of a newly created ocean, along with Azshara, her Highborn who did not rebel against her ‘deal’ with the Legion, and the citizens who had survived the Demonic armies purging all mortals from her Empire.

The next voice she hears in N’Zoth. Male, multiple voices at that, talking to her and laughing over the top of themselves at some points, before merging into a single voice again.

But who was the original voice she heard? Was it Xal’atath, or Elune? Or some other player we have yet to meet?

We’ve seen Elune take a hand shepherding her people to the Afterlife before with the Burning of Teldrassil, we now have several theories on how the World Tree caught fire so quickly.

Could be the Azerite ammunition, there’s certainly a lot of ground that even a small amount of Azerite could unnaturally expand the effects of whatever it was exposed to, be it to harm or heal, and flammable munitions could easily have caused a runaway fire-storm between the Azerite-imbued flames and the Nature-magic within the World Tree. We also don’t know if the World Tree’s roots reached down far enough to touch into a vein of Azerite, solid or liquid, since almost every other World Tree reached down deep enough to touch on Old God nonsense or drink deeply from Leylines so powerful it made the World Tree wildly unstable.

It could have been Sylvanas using her entropic magic to subtly fan the flames, considering both Thalyssa and Jaina both mention they could not detect her magic in the aftermath of the Mak’gora that killed Saurfang. Death magic to dry out and kill the tree, which made the flames have a much easier time of consuming the World Tree. We also know that Negative Spirit-Energy can be used to force compliance upon Elementals and Elemental Spirits, and that could have been used to force the Horde’s explosive/incendiary ammunition to consume Teldrassil at the shocking speed we saw in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

And then there’s the theory that Elune fanned the flames herself because she heard the Winter Queen’s plight and saw fit to send thousands of powerful, nature-inclined Souls to her estranged Sister as both a peace-offering and way to help stabilise the Anima drought, and to release the Kaldorei from a world seemingly locked into an endless cycle of genocide and race-wars. I don’t think this theory is accurate, but there’s enough hints in the Ardenweald Story to suggest that Elune might have made the whole thing happen as quickly as it did to save her sister, and thought using her ‘favored children’ to do it would be the best way to save the Winter Queen and her realm.

But back to the topic, whose voice was that?

If it was Elune, this could have been a precursor to the Burning of Teldrassil, with the loss of tens of thousands (if not more) of Kaldorei, amongst the other races, streaming into the Shadowlands at a cataclysmic rate, Elune might have seen fit to try and ‘spare’ her favored children by giving them a swift and merciful end, freeing them from the torment of the Legion’s twisted Fel magic and delivering them to the serenity of the Shadowlands, and with Azshara trying to ‘save’ her Empire, and the people who served her lavishly within it, and the Well of Eternity consuming itself and going out of control, all that awaited them was the agony of failure and death.

Furthermore, the longer Azshara lived, the more likely it was that she’d cause even more harm to Azeroth and her people. Convincing her to die and let it all end only benefitted both Elune (who appears to be a Life-Pantheon member, if not their Prime, like Aman’thul is the Prime of the Arcane-Pantheon and Zovaal was once the Prime of the Death-Pantheon) and the Primal Forces who squabbled and bickered over the slumbering World Soul within.

Alternatively, we know Azshara had access to a ton of powerful relics, many of which we used in Legion and, even after being corrupted and rendered supposedly inert by absorbing and containing the entropic energies contained within Sargeras’s sword, Gorribal, were still potent enough for Azshara to use at least one of them to entrap us in her palace, Sharas’dal, the Scepter of Tides, being what she used as part of the ritual along with the Tidestone, one of the ‘Pillars’ we spent so much blood and sweat to get, and use, to seal the Legion off from Azeroth once and for all.

Good job, Dalaran. Khadgar and the rest of the Council of Six left the protection of the Cathedral of Eternal Night to Jobbers.

There’s a good chance that Xal’atath might have been in possession of one of the Highborne, if not Azshara herself, and was waiting for this moment to try to sway the Queen of All Elves into her service, but its more likely that the consciousness sealed within the dagger wanted freedom more than servants to carry it around, as it used us to collect three artifacts of power, lied to us about the Naga wanting to use them to create a powerful ritual, and instead sold them, and us, to N’Zoth as payment for freeing her permanently from the confines of the Black Blade.

But if it wasn’t Elune, or Xal’atath, who was it? Alleria mentioned after N’Zoth’s death and defeat at the end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion that she heard new voices in the chorus of madness in the back of her mind, it might be some new Void-aligned entity, a new ‘Old God’ waiting to be launched at Azeroth to finish the work its predecessors failed at repeatedly, or it might even be the source of the voice that both Thrall and Anduin heard in the reveal-trailer for the War Within Expansion.

What are your thoughts?

it was nzoth

Remember Siff in Ulduar? Turned into Yoggy

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N’Zoth using a comforting voice filter to get through to her. It doesn’t make any sense for it to be anyone but him.


Yeah I always thought it was N’zoth. Old Gods are kind of genderless.

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At the risk of quoting Team Four Star again

I just hear the voice, and I hear Elune-Through-Tyrande, and I hear Xal’atath, and maybe its my age, or the amount of sound-effects used to add inhuman qualities to the voices, and they sound … very similar.

I don’t doubt that N’Zoth could quite easily have used a ‘comfort’ voice to try and get Azshara to give up, but if he has been watching her ‘for a thousand years’, he has to know this person will not bend for anything. She was prepared to sacrifice a world to stand as the equal of Sargeras, and was not even high on her own supply when she made that choice. She willingly did so and had every intention of standing as his equal, and quite possibly had the sorcerous potential to rival that of Kil’jaden and Archimonde. Mannoroth, MANNOROTH, of all of Demon-kind, infamous for his brashness and refusal to accept orders from anyone not stronger than himself, took one look at her might after she checked him for going too far and backed down rather than square up against her.

Azshara isn’t going to give up. She would rather the world burn down around her than not get what she wants, she would rather sacrifice every last citizen she has left to achieve Godhood, she would defy the Gods themselves rather than be hobbled or limited.

So the only reason to try and get her to give up … would be to make her press on out of spite and pride, which could leave her open to mental manipulation as she ends up failing regardless, which is well within the game-plays of Old Gods and Black Blades, or by some absent, distant Goddess who only pays attention when everything is on fire (literally) or when she’s trying to ‘help’ a Pantheon or ‘God’.

It just doesn’t fit N’Zoth’s theme, he doesn’t lie to you, he omits things, he puts a slant on things, he plays up to your bias and conceits, but he doesn’t lie, which makes him the odd-man-out amongst the Old Gods. And he was smart, so smart that even though he was the weakest of the known Old Gods, even when he lost direct fights with his brethren, he still ended up coming out roses because he’d manipulate events to ensure that if he lost, while that Old God was fighting him, the other two would be carving massive chunks of territory out of his attacker’s realm in the process and similar tactics. His ‘Future Sight’ was arguably amongst the most precise and accurate of all the Old Gods, by Xal’atath and the Chronicles, both of whom are untrustworthy sources of information, however.

Narratively, this strikes me less as N’Zoth playing games, since he needs Azshara alive and as many of her people intact to form the Naga to create the backbone of his forces until his ‘New Black Empire’ can be brought into being, and if he truly had watched her all this time, he would know Azshara does not come second to anyone. She’s either your superior or, if pressed or impressed, your equal (for now). We do see his frustration at her because he needs Azshara. She’s the only being with enough power, enough intelligence and a slavishly loyal army that will follow her anywhere she goes that he has access to, chained up as he is. He has to comply with her demand for equal partnership in his schemes because if she dies, N’Zoth may never again have the chance to break free from the prison the Titans have shackled his essence within.

More importantly, the Well of Eternity was the site where Y’Shaarj was pulled out of Azeroth and was killed. So why was N’Zoth’s prison right there, at the biggest wound in Azeroth’s World Soul? Why on earth would the Titans leave an Old God imprisoned right next to the World Soul’s biggest vulnerability, especially since his massive body trails from the Well of Eternity to the shores of Stormsong itself, forming part of the landscape itself.

If the Old Gods never fought side by side, why was N’Zoth all nuzzled up against the bulk of Y’Shaarj? And why was his ‘core’ imprisoned right next to the Well of Eternity? If N’Zoth really was watching Azshara for so long, he would have to know that the proud and arrogant Queen of the Kaldorei would never just ‘give up’ or ‘let go’, she had not become second only to Elune herself in the eyes of her people, regardless of caste or social status, by giving up on anything.

Its a plot hole and its got the brain worms itching away because it raises more questions than it answers.


I am a gamer and lack media literacy and it is literally the fish


Disney’s Elsa.

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Those fish flopping SFX are awesome. Can’t believe I forgot about that. 10/10 flop sound. Did they bring a real live carp into the studio or something

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:notes: The blood runs thick on the altar tonight :notes:
:notes: Not a Titan to be seen :notes:
:notes: A Empire of madness :notes:
:notes: And it looks like I’m the Queen :notes:

:notes: The chattle are howling, like this swirling storm inside :notes:
:notes: Couldn’t keep it in, N’Zoth knows I tried :notes:
:notes: Don’t let him in, don’t let him see :notes:
:notes: Be the proud Queen I always knew I could be :notes:
:notes: And now they’ll know-owo :notes:

:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Can’t restrain myself no moooore :notes:
:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Use the Tidestone to unlock the door :notes:
:notes: I don’t care about any of you any-eee-way :notes:
:notes: Let the Black Emp-ire reign :notes:
:notes: Your lives never mattered that much anyways :notes:

:notes: Its funny how this power makes you all seem small :notes:
:notes: And the rules that once bound me can’t hold me at all :notes:
:notes: Its time to see what I can do :notes:
:notes: To test you all and break you :notes:
:notes: I’m right, you’re wrong, bow down to me :notes:
:notes: For you seeeeee :notes:

:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Can’t restrain myself no moooore :notes:
:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Use the Tidestone to unlock the door :notes:
:notes: I don’t care about any of you any-eee-way :notes:
:notes: Let the Black Emp-ire reign :notes:
:notes: Your lives never mattered that much anyways :notes:

:notes: My power turns your world to ash :notes:
:notes: My servants will run you to the ground :notes:
:notes: And one thought rises above it rest :notes:
:notes: I am your Queen, now bow down and scream :notes:

:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Can’t restrain myself no moooore :notes:
:notes: Let it go, let it go :notes:
:notes: Use the Tidestone to unlock the door :notes:
:notes: I don’t care about any of you any-eee-way :notes:
:notes: Let the Black Emp-ire reign :notes:
:notes: Your lives never mattered that much anyways :notes:

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just so we’re clear…we’re on the same page that the Let Go was Nzoth?

Disney Princess N’Zoth in a slinky one-piece dress was not an image I needed, but here we are.

Pixar Mom N’zoth wouldve had me, and lemme tell ya

thats something i DO need

Go to bed Gentarn lol.

I can’t, I work for a living.

Plot twist.

The voice was actually Gentarn.

Gentarn is actually just the player character of Xala’tath.

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