Rogue set look

it’s definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know what issues people have with it

Nah, man, the tier options. So I can vote without having to go in game and open up the appearance tab.

did you play in shadowlands? SL s4 was same as SL s3 mogs
myself and this other deathknight are both
thinking the same thing about this now into DF s4

friend i dont believe it will be recolors but everyone else is seeming to assume it will be >_<
did you play in shadowlands? think back to s4 and how they did it , im thinking DF s4 will be similar

i voted for s1 , got all s2 already

Im sad its in last, S2 is cool and all but it has a bit of a monk vibe to it. S3 is probably my favorite set since the S6 rework from tomb of sargaras in legion. Luckly my favorites for DK and DH are winning so far.

Helms? Season 2

Rest of the Armor? Season 3

Preferably in solid black.

The season 2 sholders with that blue glow trial is whats needed but in a dark red or black.

We need more dark glow items like Glorious Tyranny enchant from mop.



Season 1 doesn’t even look like it would be a rogue set, then hell were they thinking with the balls on the chest piece. Looked like a weird monk set. Season 2 was sick looking and has nice colors, season 3 was sick looking but had bad colors.

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The S2 Shredder set is by FAR the best one of the Xpac. Like the results will show it wasn’t even gonna be remotely close.

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Agreed, season one is the worst, 3 is the best rogue design this xpac

Season 2 set looks awful everyone vote season 3 or 1

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