Rogue quest dungeon

I have a quest that tells me to go into Shadowfang Keep for materials. Blade of the Shattered Hand. When I bring up the Cata dungeons, Shadowfang is not listed. How do I get a group together to do it?

(this is for my leveling rogue. I want to level him slowly and hopefully without dying. Cenarion Circle server. Name is Darthanian.)

Assuming you’ve got Chromie Time set to Cataclysm, the only reason you might not be able to see it is a level requirement issue. (And level requirements can be pretty opaque.) Some googling shows posts mentioning that it doesn’t show up until around level 20ish (even though the quest if available earlier.)

If that’s not the issue, at level 35 you can turn off Chromie Time temporarily and solo it.