Rogue or feral?

Hey guys! I just recently decided to pick up retail again and im debating between rogue or feral on what character to possibly play? How would you guys say druid feel atm? Ik next patch is gonna be a big druid theme so it might be cool to play.

Rgoues are getting a massive rework just now…and in order for people to “appreciate” their effort they will probably make rogue OP for a while.

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Honestly, if you want to be a stealthy backstabber only, and only care about DPS, then rogue. Druid if you think you may want to tank, healer or range dps.

But rogue has 3 DPS specs. They can be very fun but there is always usually one that is F Tier. But the advantage of 3 specs is obviously you can play one that isn’t the bad one.


Feral is looking really good next patch very nice tierset and frenzy is going to be a 30second cd which lines up with fury perfectly which is a nice change. Rogue is getting a rework but also feels very good. Im sure alot will change. I suggest hopping on ptr and checking them both out. What spec of rogue were you planning on playing?


I like assassin most but I like sub as well (sub just seems more complicated so i gotta learn it more tbh). Outlaw could be fun but its a huge spam fest and idk how i feel about all its maint buffs etc.

Can only speak for sub and its going to be really good in pvp no question. The shadowblades changes are amazing. full combo points from cheapshot alone its very nutty.

In many ways, Feral is a simplified Rogue (meaning its kit is much more cleanly designed) because the rest of its utility comes from other Druid forms. I wish rogue specs were designed as concisely as feral is.


Rogue will just be better content wise if you want higher end progression.

But play what you find fun. If you want to have more flexibility to play other things, feral/druid is your best bet.

I would say the opposite for combat mechanics…rogues basic rotation is very simple while they juggle cd’s and got plenty of utility on the side.

Feral has probably the most punishing rotations for pve of all classes/specs, while currently thier utility is not up to date for modern pve in any way. (other classes/specs bring more pwoerful versions of all utility a feral —druid—can bring)


I find the rogue to be the most fragile class for me to play. Feral has built-in speed and has more healing and durability options. Plus, you’re a cat.

Rogue is the safer bet if you’re looking to only do MDPS for long term. But if you’re looking at potentially playing other roles or just really enjoy the shapeshifting mechanic then by all means just stick with druid.

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I’m still not really swayed either way. It sucks im always like this over simple decisions it always feel like I’ll make the wrong one or I’ll be better off picking the other etc so it’s an endless vicious cycle haha.

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Depending on your experience with either class, if you’re looking toward PVP then feral is going to be a lot harder to pick up and be successful at than rogue in arenas. Rogue has stronger defensive immunities(cloak/evasion/vanish/disarm/bomb) whereas feral is more about kiting/taking a beating(barkskin/SI/bear form). Rogue will also give you multiple dps specs to mess around with whereas if you’re only looking toward feral, then the spec is what it is.

Regarding PVE, I’m sure both are equally as viable. Hit some training dummies and see which rotation makes the most sense and feels the best.

I’d say its 100% about kiting currently…hence theres hardly any high rated ferals anymore…they are too soft atm.

Druid is always the better option. When you are bored melee dps you can go range dps, or even tank which is easy mode for questing
Also they will unlock flying soon, instant flight is always great

Yeah you are probably right about that in PvP tbh. I’ve played feral in arenas before but the new kite meta for them doesn’t sound fun at all. Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and go rogue.

I really like feral a lot. For keys it has good off healing/utility while having funnel aoe damage. For raids, its decent. I like watching arena, and its more limited in comps at the present moment (someone correct me if this has changed). The biggest problem with feral imho, is how people view the spec (it has a negative connotation for some reason).

Rogue seems to be the better option overall. With that being said, the game designers typically will push you towards one of the three specs, which could be a problem (outlaw for me is a divisive spec). With the upcoming changes, its likely that rogue will be very strong to showcase the redesign.

Not sure about your current situation (like are you going to start fresh chars, or are you sitting on alts), but it might be worth knocking out some normal dungeons. I’ve always found its best to test the waters when determining what class I want to roll over another.

For pvp rogue, for pve druids.


With the rework I would say rogue will be the biggest meta for m+ of any class…with 6 sec aoe stun (new talent comming in 10.2) theres no way around rogues in m+.

Also shroud with lower cd…due to new talent

And for WPvP as well the druids can really kite you like crazy.

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