Rogue/Monk LF Guild

I am currently returning from WoW after taking a raiding break since the start of this x-pac. I raided a little bit in the first raid but just was not ready to come back from my break. I am now ready to get back into raiding. I am currently leveling my rogue and that is who I would prefer to raid on. I have always raided with a rogue, even back in vanilla. I am very skilled at it but I can also play a monk if that is what is needed. I have raid lead in WoD through HFC, (including a mythic Gorefiend kill), but do not mind taking orders from someone. I do not mind to faction change but do not want to server transfer until I have a definite raiding spot. I can raid any days except Wednesday and Thursday. I would need help gearing but after that, I will be ready to raid and kill stuff. Very reliable and if I cannot make it to raid, someone will be notified. If you have any further questions, contact me at Air#11988 on Bnet or Air#3072 on Discord. I hope to hear from you soon!

Guild: Bring Your Mains

Server: US-Dalaran

Faction: Alliance

Raid Schedule:
Fri 9PM-12AM EST
Sat 9PM-12AM EST

Uldir progression: 8/8N 8/8H 1/8M

Background: Guild of new old and veteran players trying to push the most out of current content that they can

Process: The guild does have a 3 week trial period once you join the guild. To become a fulltime raider you are judged on your attendance, attitude, character progression, and how you act during raid.

Guild Status- Semi-Hardcore Progression

Min Ilvl:
Normal: 370

Positions available:
1 Tank(on trial) 5 DPS - 3 Heals

Tank: Currently have 1 tank on trial may not work out if you are okay with an off-spec would love to have you.

DPS: Looking For a few DPS
Melee DPS:
Any Rogue / Unholy or Frost DK / Havoc DH
Ranged DPS:
Shadow Priest / Elemental Sham/ Any Mage / Any Lock / Balance Druid
Holy Pally / Resto Druid / Mistweaver Monk / Holy or Disc priest

Outside of Raid: Guild Events/PVP/Rated PVP/Open World PVP/Legacy Raiding/Power leveling.

If interested or have anymore questions please contact me.

Discord:Delorik#1097 (can answer easier here)
B-Net: Delorik#11523

Recruiting! “BiCurious” on the “Draka” server is a guild which is beginning with the intent of transitioning to Classic Vanilla once available. We will be doing BFA end game content and hope to build a community which is as excited for the launch of Classic as we are. I really hope to get this thing off the ground, surely alot of you out there are open to this type of guild and want to be ready, set, go once Vanilla drops. Message me in game, Dondelango#1326 if your interested in joining up. I am open to idea’s and any feedback from a member or prospective member. Thanks alot everyone, i really hope we can see some progress!(edited)