Rogue LF Raiding Guild

Hey everyone,

Stopped playing pre-ulduar and trying to get back into it. Days I’m available, for now, Monday/Thursday 8pm-11:30pm EST - Friday/Saturday 10pm-ish - 2:30-3am EST - Sunday 8pm-11:30pm EST. My gear score is 4212 and I’m willing to faction/server change.
Discord: Danimal#2450 - Bnet: Danimal#11524

OASIS has been around since Day One of Classic providing a welcoming and friendly home to raid. We raid efficiently (hardcore/semi-hardcore) and are preparing for Ulduar hard modes.
With 3 very successful raid teams, we provide flexibility and support to ensure our raiders can have a life outside the game.
All 3 of our teams killed Yogg-Saron in Week 1 and are currently working on Hard Modes.

Immediate Openings for:
TANK (NON-Paladin)
MUST be an Active “Main” with a 4200+ GS parsing Blue or better to be considered

(ALL raids start at 6P and end at 9p)
Team #1 runs on Tues /Wed (full)
Team #2 runs on Wed /Thur (full, possible tank)
Team #3 runs on Sat/Sun (dps opening, possible tank)
We also have a 4th 25 man raid for our Alts&Extras on Mondays.
We use a DKP loot distribution system

If this sounds like a fit for you, feel free to hit me up for more info

Hey! We are looking for a few more dps! We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11pm you can read more about us here. Mankrik - [Grievance] Recruiting DPS for their 25 man team!

Hello Dirtydan!

I see you’re looking for a 10p-ish thing, so our times might not line up, but I figured I’d post anyway in case a one-day was enticing…

I represent the Classic WoW branch of Severity Gaming, a Multi-Title Online Gaming Community founded in 2010. We currently run a single One Night Progression Focused Raid Team every Saturday from EST: 8pm-12m, CST: 7p-11p, MST: 6p-10p, PST: 5p-9p.

Our ideal member is someone that:

  1. Exhibits a strong community focused mentality.
  2. Is a genuine individual that we can mutually invest our time in and with.
  3. Plays the game well and/or has high potential and a willingness to learn and work at it.

Current Progression:

  • Phase 2: 13/14 10M, 11/14 25M
  • Phase 1: 17/17 10M, 17/17 25M

Direct Contact Info

  • Discord: www(dot)discord(dot)gg/severitygaming
  • Shadryx (GM): Shadryx#3172 (Discord), Shadrix#1154 (
  • Oprahwindfury: Oprah/Trollportals#1557 (Discord), Pixelgasm#1202 (
  • Vindiplate: RepressedZebra#2745 (Discord), KuZebra#1185 (