Rogue legendary daggers xmog is bugged

You can only xmog your offhand, even if you xmog your mainhand it disappears. One of the few things I was looking forward to this patch and it’s absolutely broken as if no one at blizzard even tried it when implementing it…

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Came here to say the same thing.

No one at Blizzard plays a rogue so it’s not surprising they forgot about the MH / OH restrictions of Golad and Tiriosh.

TL;DR Golad the Mainhand is missing from the Xmog journal, typing ‘Golad’ in the search bar turns up Tiriosh.

Edit: You can’t even xmog the Dreamer and the Sleeper anymore, either.
Only the Dreamer shows up in the search bar, and searching for Sleeper turns up the Dreamer. Same thing, can’t mog the Mainhand. Off to a great start.

Hello. As mentioned in the Known Issues thread, this process ended up being a bit unintuitive for some players.

To choose the one you want, right-click the dagger appearance. This changes the appearances between your main hand and off-hand weapon.

This is similar functionality to how Druid Artifact appearances work.