Rocket mount

What level do you have to be for chance at the mount?


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Whats the box called that drops the mount?

And be ultra lucky! :shamrock:

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if its 50-60 then…that would mean Class trails can get it? make one do it delete make new one do it repeat…

EDIT: trails cant do it sadly lol

heart shaped box. you get it automatically after your kill the boss from LFG

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so its NOT Heart Shaped Carton…


It has to be the epic purple quality Heart Shaped Box. The Heart Shaped Carton is green quality.

A lot of people abused class trials massively in situations like this, which is why they are much more restricted now.

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It shows purple on level 50 and up. I’ve been doing the dungeon for tokens to buy the dress cosmetics on a level 50 character.

Correct, I was simply answering Ratchet’s post.

Have some shaman luck :sweat_drops:



Good Luck all!


Why is this mount so rare? I’m through ~10 or some characters at it a day. Nada.