Ritual of Doom finally in the PTR

Ritual of doom is on the PTR and it looks to be in its WoTLK iteration.

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I’ll never understand why people wanted this back in the game. It makes zero sense that we spent two expansions summoning permanent doomguards and infernals. Did our locks suddenly go amnesia and forget they were strong enough to keep these demons bound permanently as well as without the need of 3 or 4 other people?


On a different Warlock I managed to steal control of a pitlord from Kanerethad and use it against him back in MoP. We all know gameplay Trump’s lore and common sense.

Let’s be clear I miss controlling my infernal and I’d like it back but to blizz it’s all about game balance.

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Literally Warlocks are the only class that has gone backwards in term of class power…


Miss my infernal and DG, a big ranged demon was awesome =/

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imagine that you could permanent summon this demon as your pet, then 2 expansion later you dont have the power to summon him by yourself and also you can only use it with an hour CD, add the fact that affliction dots dont really do any damage but you are forced to multidot everything manually because malefic rapture buff its the only way you can do damage, and you wonder why affliction was useless in m+.


Somehow, I don’t think the powers a class can have in lore always correlate to their in game power level…

I don’t see this lasting very long, nobody is going to die every hour so a lock can have a 15 min pet, just admit it, it’s not good.


I have to agree with you, it’s more a gimmick then anything else.

Listen I love the nostalgia of the ability, but that’s it leave it as nostalgia, it has no use in the direction WoW is heading.


^my summarized, reiterated take


The most fun I’ve ever had playing warlock was when we could have a perma terrorguard, going back in time is just not right, we don’t just unlearn how to control demons.

They won’t remove ritual right now because they think they know better, but just wait, it won’t be around.


I dont know about everyone else but when I was a teenager in vanilla I liked wrangling noobs to help with the summoning and have the DG decimate the town.

Can’t do it anymore ofc but it was fun

Curse of reck was great for trolling too.

You could go to a lowbie zone and drop the highest rank of it on a mob they’re fighting and suddenly they die and not know why (back when it was a flat increase not %).

If you’re pissed at your raid group you could drop it on the boss when it enrages.

If a priest or lock was fearing someone to get away use it on the feared target to make them immune.

So sad it’s gone.