Risks of playing on Faerlina

There is the risk that one might become jealous of streamers and they will let it ruin their day.

I really am amused at the “sky is falling” attitude towards streamers. If you are worried about it, just put one character there, if it doesn’t suit you, you have other options. That is what I did. The server will be more popular than many want to admit.

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Hi Morguerein,

Ascended is a relaxed classic wow Guild. We will be rolling Alliance on ~Faerlina~Pvp-EST. We have a lot of experience playing previously on private servers together, and are inviting new members to continue and recreate that vanilla experience in World of Warcraft Classic!

All classes are welcome, leadership role will be made available after launch to those members that fit the gaps made as we expand.

All classes and specs are welcome, so bring your friends!

We understand the majority of the playerbase is much older and more mature in their personal lives, therefore we will be pushing into endgame content at a pace that reflects that on weekday evenings.

Thank you for becoming a part of our crew, and we look forward to anything you want to share or discuss here leading up to launch day!

If you like community events roll on Faerlina (or an RP realm)

If you don’t like community events, roll on any other server

I’m avoiding the server simply because it will die once the streamers leave after the hype ends. Yes, they might go back every once and while after that, but I’m looking for a more stable populated server.

Check out Stalagg the new, fourth, EST PVP server they are opening since all three current EST PVP servers are FULL

If you’ve never experienced community events, roll around on the floor in ambivalence for the next 1.5 weeks.

That was some beautiful, old school Stooges slap stick imagery. Well done sir, you have my admiration and my respect

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I’ll be rolling on Faerlina, and I’m not doing so because I “love streamers”. I don’t care about streamers being in my server and I’m happy with my decision. Herod is filled with toxic people, and everyone’s been complaining about Thalnos being the unofficial BR realm. So, don’t listen to what people are saying and stay with us <3


Herod is going to be garbage. So far, everyone agrees Herod is the realm with all the toxic people in it.


Then… you win :slight_smile: But I love Faerlina and I picked my realm before streamers decided they’d go there. Not everyone who’s rolling on that realm loves streamers or is gonna follow them around.

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Yeah that’s gotta be annoying. Well you know since there’s SO many people cramming into these servers maybe I’m wrong and even if streamers leave, it may not matter as much as I think. We’ll see.

You’re right, Herod will be highly toxic.

It will also be very competitive and have skilled PvP premades. I would recommend against going there if you are easily offended or want to play meme specs, lol.

I’ll be on Herod.


You don’t think Faerlina with its high amount of Rank 1 PvPers are going to field skilled premades?..

…and this is why I’ll be rolling on Stallag

I never said that - I’m sure l there will be competitive groups on every server. I just think Herod will have the advantage, given the reasoning for people going there.

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Play where you want and don’t pay any attention to what the negative people are saying in these forums. The populace on these forums make up only a fraction of the total player base. People have been streaming video games for well over a decade now. Now all of a sudden it’s an issue to “unite” against? Ask yourself “why now?” Likely because people are bored and have nothing else to do except rile each other up on the forums, checking their intelligence, wisdom, and common sense at the door.

Whether you roll on a server with or without streamers, it will all come down to the quality of guild you join, not the server. If you’re in a good guild, you’ll down content and they’ll have your back in PvP.


Faerlina is now FULL.

Not an exaggeration.

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I don’t think a server will die once a few streamers leave. I bet only about 5% of the players on a streamer server even care what the streamers do.