Rise of Azshara PTR Progress


Just so you know the window for the game won’t display if you’re using 2 or more displays.

The workaround is to only use one display.

I wonder if Mechagon gives some cool mechanical rewards, specially armor and weapons. :thinking:

im a panda


Would you please tweet when its up

Hail Azshara! Hello 8.2 data :heart:

But with an awesome transmog. Well done. +1

Wait, what?
Is this an 8.2 bug or feature?

It may be Windows. I’m running beta versions of Windows.

changing the window size seems to fix it. has to be done every time

it also seems that if you start the game and then unfocus it the login stuff wont load

Bug is fixed in new build

Confirmed build 30093 fixed the issue.

Didn’t they say 8.3 or beyond at Blizzcon for Worgen/Goblins?

I personally don’t wanna rush it. We’ll be stuck with the final result forever.

The PTR should now be testable.

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No copy account data yet ?

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It consistently gets pushed back I’m pretty sure, which is why they say “or beyond”

They probably have one person, maybe two working on it.

But at least those two people are doing something. I think the class developers just go in to look at memes all day.

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Where are the class changes?

Is there anyway to still download the ptr?

I can not find a good form for this but i wanted to make sure somone from blizzard got this and i would like it if you can at lest show somone at blizz who can desided if any of the ideas in thie vidwo are worth the time or not https://youtu.be/Mr7cv0eVYUY i would like all or most of them to be in the game but i know that not realistic and for everone els let them know what you like and pleas try to be nice about it blizz cant make the game better with out knowing what we find to be fun and enjoyable ( sorry for any errors in the message ) and her is the link to the video agin NOT MY VIDEO https://youtu.be/Mr7cv0eVYUY