Rise of Azshara Preview: Heart of Azeroth

We just posted some information on the Heart of Azeroth changes coming with the next content update (that we just dove into on the live stream).


Hopefully I can still heal them WOONS!


yesssssss!! ty ty ty all.


Exciting stuff!

hands the CM a PIN :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant wait! More character customization is always a good thing in my book! <3


This looks to be a great step in the right direction.

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So am I reading right in that these are talents we COLLECT? And that once we get the Essence it’s logged in our Heart forever?

Good to see Glyphs made it back into the game.


Can we expect a class balance (read: tank balance) pass in this patch release?


Have to see what datamining turns up next week. Hopefully there are Essences that are specific to each class as well as more generic ones.

Otherwise, it is great that we got a new trinket slot. Would be much better if we could improve our classes and the gameplay they provide.


You mean more false character customization where one essence ends up being BIS and the rest are orders of magnitude behind that essence (because blizzard can’t balance) and then people who get lucky with the RNG enjoy vastly more power?

Sounds like legion legandaries all over again to me.


This system looks good to me. (Yes, I know haters will scream at me, I don’t care, it’s my opinion :woman_shrugging:) I’m glad we get more customization with this and the trinket. I know people want things handed to them without putting in the work, but it’s good that we finally get to work toward choice.

It’s like we’re forgetting everything prior to Legion… when literally we had tier. And that’s it. There was no choice to work for at all, was RNG and “if you don’t have this tier set, sorry, you’re out of luck”.

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Looks good.

My main concern is how essence acquisition is worded on the blog. I’m hoping essences only drop for your loot spec (or are spec dynamic) so we can target specific roles, and not get stuck with dps or tank specific essences when I’m healing for instance.


The difference is tier set is easy to acquire. Boss loot was set in stone, and ilvl used to be as well. I doubt any of the essences will be targetable. It will be legion legos again, where if you have bad RNG you’re vastly weaker than someone who got “a good one”.

Your vision of customization is a lie. Thanks to blizzard’s track record for balancing things like this (just look at AZ traits), there will be no choice. The best will be eons ahead of the second best, making choosing anything else just being a bad player.


Where does it say “not targetable” o.o Also where does it say that it’s going to be harder to get this stuff than tier or raiding gear in general? They gave many, many examples of where you can get this stuff.

In that case it’s never been different in the history of the game because people will ALWAYS min-max, so why is it an issue now, suddenly, and more importantly if it’s been this way always… why are you still playing?

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So, from the looks of things, it’s just a ‘heart of azeroth’-theme for the original Glyph system?


“One thing that’s BIS” is not an issue. I just preferred it when it was easy to min/max because of how gear acquisition worked.

For instance, in legion Whispers was a 25% damage increase for ret, whereas the next best one was like 5%. If you got whispers, you were vastly more powerful. You couldn’t target whispers. It was just random. That’s why I hate legos and that’s why I’ll hate this.

I had bad luck and didn’t acquire “the right legos” until like half way through legion. I’m not doing that again.


…When it was easy? So you’re mad that you have to put the work into getting this stuff? Also I don’t think it’s going to be like legion leggos. If It is, yes, you’re right, that was a major complaint for many people. It seems like though it’s similar to targeting a regular gear piece drop. If anything, similar to artifact relics that you don’t have to replace and get forever.

They made it seem like you can target specifics, in the stream. “Work for multiple or just one” I remember him saying.

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Ok, I’m excited!

Looking forward to Mechagon, the new HoA system, flying, and the mount equipment(s).

I don’t know what the anti-daze bit is going to require, but I’m going to spend ludicrous amounts of gold getting this for EVERY. ONE. OF MY CHARACTERS.

The water walking one is really cool too, really looking forward to that.

Overall: Well done Blizzard!