Rise of Azshara - Arriving June 25!

Rip M+ 10char

probably in 8.2.5

Stevie Wonder says: Plot so thin even I can see through.


This is what to expect…

I’m Nostradumbass.

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Yaaaaaas! Gimme that Azshara and N’zoth story.

It’s no superstition, I believe you got dissed.

Not even your tiara’s coming back from this!

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Finally praise the Old Gods


The Doodads(gears?) on the Gnome Heritage armor MOVE; That is pretty cool.


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yeah its cool. :slight_smile:

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multiple Dwarfish hip thrusts

Awesome trailer, stoked Blizz.

Yeah I was just asking for a date for that patch too :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh man that was pretty funny.

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Perfect timing for me. I mean earlier would’ve been better, but I was pretty close to unsub’ing.

I literally come here to see if it was announced.

Can’t wait to start playing it June 27 after the bugs are worked out and all my addons are thoroughly broken. WOO PATCH DAY!

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Competition from another company is good. It means the subscribers get a better product because the company trys harder.

lol… I guess you haven’t been keeping up on recent AAA releases.



It’s bad timing actually because lots of people are looking forward to shadowbringers and won’t be skipping early access for a patch.

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