RIP Worldpvp ( Community council Member )

So in other words you need other people to help you. That’s literally the exact same thing I said lol.

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I don’t even ask helps , they naturally will trade me the gear because they don’t need it

That’s irrelevant and completely on a roll of the dice.

Anyway , even with my 205-210 ilvl , i had already a +15 key . I would never get into a +15 groups with that ilvl , but because i have the balls and patience of making groups , i could cheat the system :slight_smile:

Hey Worldpvp, Do you know anything about Prosident threads? are those just dead threads that the other members avoid or those remain in the forum section for future discussions?

He did some good post on which even you commented some good ideas.

Ignoring the fact what happened with him obviously

Personally speaking. I won’t touch them.

The topic headers were clickbait at best imo.

Some of the topics you’ve listed there have actually been posted about in more detail but in more granular detail on the systemic issues rather than a catch all header.


Edited in more examples.

I’m sorry but you don’t get to claim that when in the very same posts you claim that Renown is a good alt friendly system (or a good system to begin with).

Alt Friendly:

Renown: The fact it was weekly gated was really good for an expansion level power system. With all the previous AP systems there was an immense amount of social pressure both put on yourself (from striving to be more competitive and gaining more power) and from external forces (guild requirements for some really weird guilds that aren’t even competing on the high end) that made you want to farm endlessly. Saving players from themselves was a very good move.

How can you argue that weekly gating is a good alt friendly mechanic when we’re literally 80 renowns up the ladder and we only have catchup to 40? Do you not know the massive difference between 40 and 80? How behind people are on stamina, soulbinds, conduits and their ilvl? How can you argue that it’s a good mechanic when the weekly progression makes it impossible to balance classes, something you literally posted about?

In this post you claim that there should be more frequent tuning. But have you ever stopped to think why they don’t, or CAN’T do that?

< Class design, borrowed power, balancing and why patches shouldn’t feel like they’re expansions - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (>

If your argument for you not interacting with my posts is based on “oh he doesn’t have any substance” then I’m sorry to say but you’re a massive hyprocrite and you embody what a lot of fans have an issue with regarding the Council. Yes, it’s so amazing that you made a super detailed post about the group finder, but couldn’t you have, I don’t know. Maybe include that under a post that already talks about the same issue instead of being a stuck up wannabe elitist?

And I’m dying for you to explain this.


Yep, nothing beats the fantastic thread topic, “Alt Friendliness.”

Nothing vague about that at all.

The system as a whole is pretty friendly. The gains were limited on a week by week basis and if you missed a week or two you could catch up to the rest. If it were uncapped then we have issues of the old creeping back up.

The catch up for renown is not friendly and it’s very much a case of too little too late.

Right now you get 3 renown (should’ve been much higher) instead of 1 if you’re below 40 (also should be higher). With the expansion very much at the end returning players are experiencing the issue as you stated.

Generally speaking. Once a Season has launched, power shouldn’t be reduced. But outliers on the low end should be adjusted upwards and then evaluated again at the next season.

Lots of investment goes into those characters and that shouldn’t be taken away. What the current state is (and has been for some time) is that the outliers are just left to rot and then community perception creeps in and those specs are pariahs. Forever doomed to be memed on.

More frequent tuning would alleviate this.

The same can be said for the opposite where players are not playing the spec as intended and there’s an undiscovered playstyle, however that to me falls towards the developers to state intentions early on and let people play around with those. E.g. Feral Druid AoE, it’s pretty set now that Feral Druid is purely a single target spec, but if it was always designed to not be, then stating this as the intention would allow better feedback to circulate on design and tuning and a two-way communication happens.

Even the like function on forums is timegated…

I still see some missing topics and i don’t consider some “click bait” as you mentioned, others are a little big like that to call attention like FOMO…etc but that’s a real issue among the community if you search for that word there’s a good portion of threads.

For example topics from Prosident that i still don’t see the same approach on other threads:

On which Halite and Worldpvp added comments about this topic, compared to Woltk on which some currencies like valor/justice points were available and help to have a determinisitc goal.

  • Most part of your Alt friendliness talks about Shadowlands desing but it doens’t focus on the concept of alt, the playerbase really needs a perspective from devs about that, there’s a huge player base that consider alts like a different class that doesn’t need to enduer anything besides gear acquisition, other players call that main 2, main 3 instead of alts and those players refer alts like another class that must endure the same player power loops.

As mentioned by Prosident, SL wasn’t even Spec friendly until 9.1.5, how it was possible to design a scenario on which your BIS covenant for a spec won’t be the same for other spec and you couldn’t change it frequently.

There’s a lot of topics that should be focus on the philosophy behind, just like when Devs introduced corruptions on 8.3, i really hate now that system because i love it but i couldn’t experience it because vendor arrived late and it was a big grind, they keep creating toys but don’t let the players interact with them, how many Legendaries powers were created on SL, still almost nobody use like 90% of those. if the legendary power were like the essences on which you could change the power from the piece at any moment, it will create a better engagement for the player.

I would take from here that i’ve not seem on any other post, two things: Dueling Zones around pvp vendors, Brawl BG should have a random mode instead of 1 per week.

It has a great interaction between CC members at that moment and i think that nobody else talk about this topic, so many “parasitic systems” that are discarded at the end of an expansion, when the classes still suffer on balance and there’s talents that nobody uses, as mentioned before, Devs created too many legendaries power for the amount that allow us to create at 9.0 and then everything will be discarded, stop creating toys if the player won’t be able to use them and focus on the permanent systems like talents, even high end players mentioned this, there’s classes with a talent in the same row like : talen 1 3%, talent 2 18%, talent 3 79% of players using it, i know there’s a meta gaming but almost every build is the same due to lack of balance.

Right now WoW has been a game that has so many zones and previous expansions, however they don’t use that too much, timewalking is on a schedule, there’s so many things on a schedule. Players have other things on life and not always match with those “fun” schedule proposed by devs, we should have more frequent timewalking events, raids scaling…etc

Also, since Legion, Devs added World quest, but i wonder what part of “WORLD”, they don’t get since it feels more like expansion quest, we don’t have worldquest around the world that let us re explore old zones, there should be reasons to travel to other continents more frequently from a gameplay perspective instead we’re chain to the current expansion.

There’s still some point from those that are valid and not being touched again.

I respect your position and thanks for replying, i’m just following CC mechanic close, i still think the whole thing was launched too soon with important Devs working on 9.2 causing a first impresion of bad communication and there’s not event a stream Q&A scheduled yet between Devs and CC members, on the CC video they mentioned some activities likes calls, i could assume those are stream for any player to hear / watch.

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No one is arguing that it should be uncapped. What I’m arguing is that the entire system shouldn’t exist. Or if it wants to exist, then it must be entirely separate - which is something a LOT of people were lobbying for during alpha / beta days.

To who? It impedes balancing and alts, costs tons of resources to develop, and those resources are going in the bin the very millisecond the 10.0 announcement is made. Give me an argument.

Excluding PvP, of course. Some stuff are way over the top, f.e. the rampant Summer teams, DH being several classes at once while having an easier kit than said classes, Ret pala’s only way of existing is cheesing RNG cooldowns, Arms warrior and BM hunter dominating shadowlands, etc etc.

And I’m still waiting for you to explain how my titles are clickbait and yours aren’t. And why it’s bad to begin with? Don’t we want more and more people to see and participate in the conversation?

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Ooh…Thanks Prosident for raising this issue. I really hope old content is made relevant in someway

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There’s an entire quest design team, however we don’t receive new questline each hallow’s end, xmas,love is in the air, lunar festival around Azeroth old zones… i don’t get that they only focus on one expansion at the time, leaving everything else behind.


Is adding AI companions for raids and dungeons a good idea?? Like the ones in Island expeditions

Here is my issue, I literally have to go naked just so that boss doesn’t die in one shot…it’s really annoying because I can’t see any mechanics

Old raids and dungeons BTW…not new ones

Pretty well-encapsulated post that I don’t think needs further attention. PvP definitely needs more love & attention to simply just let players think it’s worth their time. PvP systems as a whole do not respect the players time with the absurdity required to even engage with it.

Skill capped did a nice little video about this recently actually.

I’ve actually had something in the works about this from when I got my CC invite :slight_smile:

Not yet posted as there are more thoughts I want to get down and format nicely. The core concept is to leverage the Timewalking system for other aspects of the game though.

Yeah, PvP for sure needs more regular updates both up and down. We have specific PvP modifiers for spells but they are rarely used. Huge missed opportunity to improve the PvP experience.

PvP Modifier example from Death Strike:

BfA had an entire season with Guardian Druid just being a damage sponge for the group and that just killed PvP for me personally.

Imo, they were pretty hard to read. Very long walls of text. You could tell the passion was there because of the amount of content but the value diminishes if the reader does not want to continue. The initial framing of a topic matters and that’s why I won’t touch them.

This to me is clickbait, in the way that media companies post an article but the actual content is buried somewhere in the page rather than apparent from a glance.

We didn’t have any formatting guidance though so you’re not to blame here.

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Not everything is raid and mythic related ,some folks are disable and can’t do them and rely on wq content to do. If the content was more engaging to begin with these players would stay put but too much grind it becomes a work which people do want to get away from.

Didn’t you say that my posts lack substance? And besides, it does need attention. FROM THE DEVS.

So is your Group Finder post. Yet that didn’t stop engagement now, did it?

I mean I don’t think any of my posts were clickbait in the sense that I gave it a title and didn’t follow up on the initial point or topic of the title? If anything I presented a point and supported that point with my arguments.

I mean how isn’t it? You claimed my posts were poorly done, which is obviously my fault for doing so.

Pretty friendly??? Pretty friendly??? I just can’t… My mind just exploded. :crazy_face:

The good news is. Anyone who just LUVVS time gating, is going to be REAL happy. Because there is absolutely ZERO chance of Blizz going too far and removing too much Time Gating content. So trying argue for the preservation of time gating has no value at all. Because even if they do listen to the community and Worldpvp and decide to remove the grind a bit, we all know there is still going to be a grind. So you should be happy with that.

The most unfortunate thing is that a lot of people (including Pantheaeu over here) think that it’s a “good” system because its not as bad compared to the ones we had before. These people have developed Stockholm Syndrome over thinking that compromising game design is good game design.


Can’t we just have a system(s) that isn’t parasitic and is well designed?