RIP Sarco Jubei / Public Ventrilo hoster

A day or two ago i found out one of my dear friends from vanilla Sarco had passed away in a car accident 3 years ago, I'm making this post to let others know Sarco was a well known warrior on jubei'thos during vanilla.

Sarco was one of the only American players on Jubei'Thos back in vanilla he lived in Japan, something to do with the military and was active on the forums. If you played on jubei during vanilla and browsed the forums you would remember Sarco for his humorous replies to flamers and his public ventrilo server which he let anyone either faction join.
This public ventrilo he ran was used as a way for players to communicate to the enemy lots of the friends i made on this server were horde and i was alliance Sarco tried to unite the server back in vanilla organized world pvp events on weekends.

If jubei'thos is around in classic it wont be the same without Sarco RIP my friend.
RIP fellow warrior bro.

I didn't know him, I joined wow in BC, but I love hearing about fellow warriors. To me, Warriors are usually always some of the most interesting people, outgoing, thoughtful, passionate and value strength and leadership.
Sounds like he did us proud.
RIP warrior bro.

Rip Darci, sad to hear