Ride into Celestial Escapades with the Lunar Pack

Ride into Celestial Escapades with the Lunar Pack

Get six mounts in this ethereal bundle, or fill out your Collection with the ones you have yet to add at an interstellar discount.

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Other than the pig and the bull I have them already. \o/ So I’m good. :hugs:

EDIT: Oh wait I don’t have the dog… Hmm :thinking:

No dragon?

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I’m missing two of those mounts but the price is still $50 in the shop and it says I already have them all. Is it not like other bundles where you get a further discounted price if you already have the items?

Purchased it and was sent the wrong items, I received Hallow’s End Bundle instead–ticket put in

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The words you used make me think more of things like the Star Pony and Celestial Observer’s mog.

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The link inside the announcement goes to the Twilight Set lol.


The wood dragon is the current 6 month subscription reward

Blizzard you need to make up for the years you missed. Where is my Fire Rooster for the 2017 Lunar New Year?

Could never get it link kept going to wrong pack soo i missed out

Of what’s shown, only the Cat and Rabbit ones appeal to me.

No thank you.