Revert the WPvP Consumable Changes!

Posting this in the War Mode forums since these are originally War Mode items. For those unaware, Blizzard made a change to the War Mode consumables which you can read about right here.

Tl;dr: all wpvp consumables share a 5 min cd, stack to 200, cost is lowered, and all can be used in bgs.

Whoever thought this was a good change… please, just revert it. No one asked for these changes, the only thing people complained about was the cost of them this patch since you no longer made them obtainable through Rousing Ire and the 5 stack limitation.

Here's what I propose:

  • Revert the shared cooldown.
  • Keep the stacking limitation of 200.
  • Make the consumables that were originally sold by Malicia to be unusable once again in battlegrounds.

Personally, I can understand the need for a 5 minute cooldown on the combat items, but not on a shared cooldown. It even puts things like Nitro Boost on a cooldown which means I’m never going to use these consumables again since my class is a wheelchair, and I’m not giving up nitro boost in PvP combat. Don’t keep the 5 minute cooldown on Pest Fogger though… that’s just way too extreme. Put them on a 45 second cooldown, that’s fine.

Please listen to the community feedback on this for once! I’m telling you, this change has made these items useless now, and is a slap in the face to whichever dev originally worked on these items. These were awesome additions to War Mode, don’t ruin these!


Not sure if this matches with what you’re saying, but all that was needed was that the usual consumables (previously) could be purchased with honor too, rather than only bloody tokens.

I mean it’s fine if it can be purchased with Honor points too, but the main problem in my opinion is the 5 minute shared cooldown with all of the consumables. If you use one of them, it’ll also put things like Nitro Boost on a 5 minute cooldown which is just absurd.

I am not in the game did they put the parachute cloak and glider in there as well?

No, but the WPvP parachute has always shared a cooldown with glider :stuck_out_tongue:

I will have to check but was talking more about the flex weave one from engineering. I don’t think it does :slight_smile: (or did.)

Bump! Let’s keep this thread at the top for them to read!

Yeah, so if everything reverted to how it was before, except you can now also buy the consumables with honor, would you be OK with that? That’s what I meant.

The only thing I want from these hotfixes to stay are the stack limitation of 200 and buying with honor.

I wouldn’t even mind if they kept the 5 minute cooldown so long as it wasn’t a shared cooldown.

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Oh right, the stacks are good too.
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have you considered utilizing skill to combat your opponents?


Oh I do that all the time. I’m just giving my feedback. I dislike what they did to these very fun consumables and therefore am asking they revert some of these changes to make it a better experience for all. Blizzard did say they were monitoring feedback related to these hot fixes after all :smile:

Objection relevance! While not really contributing the conversation it made you feel good didn’t it :slight_smile: ?

could it be possible that the nerfs to the consumables was in fact Blizzard responding to feedback?

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Well, they saw it as a buff, not a nerf. If you read the thread I linked, the official blue post links a thread that it received feedback from.

The feedback it was going off of was a thread made by Torturekilla where she said the cost of the consumables were too expensive. Blizzard saw that not only WPvPers were using them, but BG folk as well and wanted to make it balanced and easily accessible for BG use. Critical thinking friend!

Could we get a… bump. Maybe a blue response too?

My blue response:

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Or just crickets. :cricket:

That’s what the War Mode forums gets anyway lol

World buffs need to stop being available in random battle grounds. Additionally, pots should be reverted back to a 2 minute cd when not in instanced content. Items outside of instanced content should not share the same cd so they can be paired together.

I feel like some dev got roflstomped out in the open world, got mad because people were using buffs / items then made them worthless.

Blizzard, if you’re going to nerf stuff into being unusable in world content, stop adding it to the game to begin with.