Revert the seed nerf NOW

thank you for buffing it blizz <3

pls remove human racial still

If the game was available when it was supposed to be, I would have been able to gain the rep as most did however realms didn’t come up until after I had other life commitment’s to do. And thus couldn’t do them until today, I’ve gotten to level 6 so far with what I’ve done today in abound 3 hours.

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I see where you went wrong, You see when they was talking about their philosophy they was talking about The War Within and patches of it going forward. Philosophy changes typically don’t take effect until a new expansion comes.

And what about the people that exploited it?

Nothing. They get to fiddle their thumbs now simce they are done with the grind.

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for like four seeds,i was getting 250 rep as well, then i started getting only 5… did they buff it then nerf it again?

It only gives the huge rep buff first 5x per week, then it gives the usual tiny bump for those who wish to grind their way to victory.

Per their explanation in another post:

So, last night I was running around doing seeds in between the quest, was getting about 20 rep. And other times I was getting zero and I was putting a seed and dew drops into every single one even the ones that I did not start.

Turns out that the major bug was that if progress hit 100 no one gets renown. That being fixed probably respects players time more than the players who were farming hours nonstop only to lose potential renown from a person pushing it to 100% progress without knowing it made the reward worse.

Something like this happens just about every patch. Something is always broken for the first day, early people take advantage of it, Blizzard fixes it so everyone else has to do it the hard way and ultimately nothing changes. There’s a reason the phrase “Exploit early, exploit often” is a thing when it comes to WoW.

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They had no idea what they wanted out of this minigame when the patch launched. Managers of the event design team and the rewards teams didn’t talk.

They learned about it being farmable after it already launched and every team was pants on fire trying to slap a timegate onto this badboy as fast as possible. Did they not know what they were shipping or what?


To be fair, they aren’t always known for their forward thinking.

I’m only getting like 5 rep now, so yeah… Guess I’ll just farm gold now since this zone seems dead to me and it’s suppose to be new fun zone and filled with content to do? Going from seed pod to seed pod isn’t it bro.


Yea no they limited decent rep gains to 5 plants a week or is it day regardless after that it’s 5 rep per blue or purple. It’s an utter joke honestly like what kind of dev green lighted the idea of let’s nerf the living crap out of something players somewhat enjoy. Cause here at blizzard heaven forbid the players enjoy something.


Cmon, devs nerfed Dreamsurge Learnings and removed Dreamwardens from the list of affected renowns because they didn’t want everyone getting their renown to 18 the first week for the augment rune.

Some players still did it, and others will have it done before the week’s end. But nobody enjoyed the seed farm, it was just a means to an end.

I actually expect further adjustments wrapped into the S3 launch, if not this weekend. They’re obviously paying attention to how we’re spending our time.

What? This isn’t even remotely true. Maybe if we were back in 2006. Definitely not now.

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Blizzard detected fun and thus fun must be nerfed.

Reminds of me time when FFXIV would punish it if you played too much by reducing the amount of exp you could obtain


It’s not always possible to contribute a seed from my experience. Plus there’s still the possibility to contribute dew to get the caches to a better quality. Why should anybody do this now when there’s no reward for doing it?

And now I’ve contributed one of my blue seeds and again got nothing but 5 flightstones. So obviously the rep is still not guaranteed? This is an unfinished and bugged mess.

Better go real fast. People will be done with this zone for good very zoon. 5 rares, 2 zone events copy pasted from other DF content, and seeds. That’s it. As soon as people have renown for the augment rune, numbers will fall off a cliff.

Imagine if they just made a really fun event that had some depth and tied in with some of the other content we do. Like the mount synthesizer in ZM, it wasn’t perfect but you could definitely login and grind it out.

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Slightly on topic, I get killing the threshers for dew drops but what does stomping bugs and pulling weeds do for the plant?

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They talk so much about great equality, equal treatment of every person, every player. And then they show the middle finger. That’s what equality means to you, a marketing liar. You divided the players into better and worse players with the nerf. Those who made it before the nerf are favored.

Either reverse the situation before the nerf and allow everyone to gain the same reputation, or reverse the reputation and items gained with it for those who managed to hit renown 20 yesterday.

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They also give you dewdrops.