Revert community feast changes

Can we please revert whatever changes have been made to community feast?

I am so tired of flying out here, sitting here for 15 minutes and getting if im lucky 1 quest from the chef… I know afking was a big issue and thats why the changes were made but tbh id rather have that back than what we have now

especially since you can literally afk the hunt.

The only change I can see they made is that you can now get a participation credit for getting meat from the boss kills and throwing it in the pot, where before all you got was rep either way. Which is only a positive change.

What you are likely running into is that it is the weekly quest so 100x more people are trying to do it during peak hours which it still struggles mightily with. I am still managing to get 2 alts at least 5 tasks each per feast, even on wildly overpopulated Dalaran (only way to get all of my alts done in a week is to double up).

I find that being right up against the pot, and constantly moving seems to have the best results. No doubt at least some of that is superstition, but I am not running into the problems people seem to be having so whatever I’m doing must contain the right idea somewhere in it lol.

it is so much better then it was before. now u can get multiple of the 5 you need for the quest in one “yes chef”