Revert battle of nazjatar change

Well playing on both sides i see much more alliance premades preparing for the battle. There’s like 10 premades of RUIN for the battle. While horde has 1 maybe 2.

What is wrong with premades? Horde can and do, do that as well. Plenty of times I have seen a whole guild+ of Horde on a shard during battle… Im thinking that is fun, not upsetting.

You can still easily get conquest points, as getting 1 war chest daily in Nazjatar for the 7 days satisfies the 500 weekly requirement. Most of the time you don’t even have to engage the opposite faction. Can usually get at least 1 war chest in any of the other 6 zones, and shorten that time. Those are even easier to find uncontested.

As far as commendations go, I have 250+ commendations and have zero idea what I’m supposed to do with them.

yeah i know that. but you could easily fill the conquest bar super quick while doing 5 of the battles in a day if when you knew the exact time of them. and to the chest you kind of have to get lucky of being in those zones at the time they drop

alliance players reported being greatly outnumbered in WM which made make Battle For Naz impossible to complete when doing randomly in your realm/shard, so people start to make groups and that’s the end result

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Having to kill 1 person during the PvP quest in Naz is utterly stupid, especially when Both sides just mob up, if your not in a group and want to even try you are punished for it, engaging in combat with another Faction player should be good enough, Live or Die at least you tried, Trying and failing over and over until you have to wait 2 minutes (due to PvP rez timer restrictions) just to watch the timer go down and get nothing is the most frustrating thing I have experienced in a long time and makes me want to rage quit and thats very unlike me.

God forbid Alliance having to get raids together when they’re outnumbered nearly all the time. lol get real.

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Same thing on my Shard (Blackhand), My buddies shard (Kael’thas) and my wife’s shard (Ravenhold) and my wifes shard is an RP shard!

From today’s hotfix notes:

  • The start time for the Battle of Nazjatar is no longer fixed to a 3-hour interval. The delay between events now has random variance.
    • Developers’ note: As players have learned the timing of the event over the course of Rise of Azshara, increasingly the perceived optimal way to participate is to camp the control points in advance of the start time. By adding some variance (which still averages out to a 3-hour interval), we hope to make the Battle for Nazjatar more dynamic without reducing the overall frequency of the event.

I’m sure they could have found some other way to solve this without the solution being so annoying.

Like, just off the top of my head, teleport anyone near a control point back to their home base when the battle begins.

They did infact pre pack it’s even in the patch notes.

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Sounds like blizzard farming log-in hours.

Alliance did not do this because it would have bugged the event…

I mean, it’s crazy that horde have more people in WM and have the exact same ability to form groups, yet they can’t muster forces to battle in Naz. lol

The main issue was the lag - again a blizz prob, not the players prob.

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Yeah, sorry but they did it all the time. The battle would start once the population reached “balance” and immediately control point after control point would fall to alliance. They were camping ahead of the battle, no other way around it.

Sign up for it for a special “flag” and then it starts and the points open up.

This is an absolutely crap change. How do you know When it’s going to happen, how do you plan to do it? If I’m out in Mechagon, do we get an alert for it? I usually give the devs a lot of the benefit of the doubt, but this is just horsecrap. This is a really dumb move.


This is not how it was happening. If you camped the flags ahead of time it crapped out.

Yeah, this is right.

Yeah because horde outnumbers Alliance so much in warmode that the only way to win a battle for Naz is to do a premade, if you’re alliance. I hadn’t thought about this, but this change 100% helps the horde in the battles. It’s going to be much harder for people to put together premades for this now.

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I still think this happened because one of the devs got rekt by a Ruin group …

Wouldn’t surprise me. I mean it was like this for months, and then i noticed a few threads on here last week with people crying about Ruin. 1 week later the devs pretty much neuter the ability to do a premade for the Battle.

I’m against this random time stuff. Random times reduce participation. I do more PVP now than in other patches and I like taking my alts in. Isn’t that what Blizz wanted? Knowing WHEN the Battle takes places helps me plan my time. Now, I have no way of knowing when it will happen. It’s not like I spend all of my time in Nazjatar.

Go back to the drawing board and better identify the issue and potential solutions. At minimum set up in game alerts to which I can subscribe that reach me regardless of location or character and say “Hey the event begins in 20 minutes.”