Ret/war 3s best covenant

Hey everyone,

Was wondering people’s thoughts on which covenant is better for ret/war 3v3, kyrian or necro?


venthyr ret, night fae warrior

Go to murlok. io and look at the top 50 ret paladins in 3s and you can see every single thing about their character

But since I’ve done the research on this topic myself, 30 out of the top 50 in 3s are necro, and 17 are kyrian. In rbgs, that flips and the majority are kyrian (37 out of 50). In 2s its a dead even split. Probably because ret pally gets trained in 3s so the extra shield helps. And the kyrian burst is too good to not have in rbgs

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Im leaning towards Necro atm but they are both still good. Honestly play whichever one you like more its that close. Neither one will hold you back from progressing.

Murlok io only gives you the top players not really what they are playing, though

Did somebody say…


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I play both the Ret Paladin and Fury warrior.

My main now is my warrior since I achieved Rival 2 1950 CR so easily and have better burst damage than my Ret Paladin who is rival 1 1800 CR.

What I notice is the Ret Paladin is squishy and needs to utilize his bubbles which can be easily broken through a warrior spear.

I would recommend Kyrian for the Ret Paladin because divine toll hurts and can hit 2-3 times on your target which is enough to get them to 15% health in a pressure phase. You can follow up with a final verdict and finish your target.

However if your healer isn’t so strong on keeping you alive then go necro for the bubble.

Warrior should go Night Fae for surprise burst ( can crit for 20k-25k ) and good mobility to chase hunters / mages. Or necrolord because they pump and hurt which is what I am on my fury warrior.

If the warrior is arms then he should go Necrolord because the added mastery just makes him deal more % damage to his target(s).

Ret pally: Kyrian ( dps ), Necro (survivability)
Warrior - arms: ( Necro lord)
Warrior - Fury: night Fae ( Burst & Mobility ) , Necrolord ( survivability)

Warrior should avoid Venthyr and Kyrian only if crit is highest secondary stat.