Returning warlock player LF a raiding guild to join

returning to WoW after a couple month break got too 2/9M amirdassil on a hunter looking to come back as a warlock that is 458 at the moment gearing up quickly
disc: Zeath
bnet: Balor#11651

Hi there, Zeaths,

My name is Luxa and I represent Luxgarde, a raid-focused guild on the Exodar cluster.

Please feel free to read through our wall of text and contact me via Discord (@original_luxa) if we sound like a good fit! I hope to hear from you soon!


Wall of Text:

Luxgarde is a new, raid-focused guild which aims to foster a genuine camaraderie within our membership. Our leadership is experienced and effective, with years of community building under their belts in Destiny 2, Project Zomboid, and, in earlier expansions, World of Warcraft.

Luxgarde is located on the Exodar / Alleria / Medivh / Khadgar realm cluster. While players on these realms are especially encouraged to apply, we are currently welcoming any and all to our raid team. With cross-faction guilds already here and cross-realm guilds coming in The War Within, raiders who join now can choose to transfer, or to remain on their home realm.


  • Fridays @ 10 PM Eastern Time: Progression Raiding
  • Saturdays @ 9 PM Eastern Time: Progression or Timewalking Raiding


  • AOTC
  • Glory raid achievements
  • 3/X Mythic


  • English fluency
  • Positivity, kindness, and patience
  • A drive to improve as a World of Warcraft PvE player
  • Ability to commit to scheduled guild raid times and willingess to provide advance notice of absences whenever reasonable and possible
  • Fun-focused attitude

NOT Requirements

  • Heroic raid experience (Normal or LFR experience is preferred but not required)
  • High parses
  • Numbers-focused attitude
  • More than 5 hours of commitment per week

Raid-focused groups are a dime a dozen nowadays, and frankly, it’s not very difficult to find a group of players to raid with. However, Luxgarde offers some perks that set us apart:

  • Our officers will provide you with detailed, personalized rotation analysis. We will find key differences between your technique and the technique of high-performing players from around the world, and support you in making adjustments as needed. This is a constructive process, not a confrontational or adversarial process.
  • We run all timewalking raids. Think Heroic progression can get boring? You’re not wrong! Whenever Firelands, Ulduar, or Black Temple Timewalking is available, we run them as a guild! This provides great variety!
  • Our officers are highly confident in teaching raid mechanics to newcomers. It’s okay if you don’t know which circles to soak; we’ll teach you!
  • Highly organized Discord making it easy to find what you want, when you want.

Please note: Luxgarde rejects any and all behavior that demeans others on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or socioeconomic status. Additionally, we welcome banter but reject bullying, regardless of the seniority or skill of involved parties. Our guild maintains a zero-tolerance policy against the use of slurs, hateful language, or language or behavior which violates the principles outlined here.

Come chat with us at or message original_luxa on Discord.

Two girls one squid would love to have you! Two Girls One Squid is recruiting!

Hiya Zeaths! I didn’t see a preferred schedule time! I will leave guild spam and reach out to you.

Tattered Remains
Area 52

Want a permanent raid spot?
Looking for a laid back guild?
Need assistance with leveling, gearing or class/spec questions? Or maybe just somewhere to hang and chat?

Tattered Remains is accepting all levels, Classes and Specs!

About Our Guild:
We are a small guild (returning, been back full swing for 3 months) working towards building for the new expansion.

We are an adult only guild (If you are easily offended, we may not be the guild for you)

We are currently running Myhtic+
Normal 9/9 (alt & new mbr gearing)
Heroic Raiding 7/9 (currently pugging into groups) Working towards Mythic Raiding.

What We Are looking for:
• Not easily offended
• Socializing
• Patient with new members and rebuilding guild (If you choose you can assist as well)
• Communication
• Willing to learn and participate (even teach/guide)
• Available for raid (life happens so give notice unless extreme emergency)
• Mythic+ not mando. But recommended if you want to get into Mythic Raiding.

We would like to get back to the glory days of smashing content and climbing charts. Having guild events, farming mounts, PvP, and working on achievements.

What we are NOT looking for:

• Players who want a social guild, but do not socialize
• Player who want to run content or events, but ignores request to join and complain later if not invited
• Players that expect full 100% attention of all officers and GM and for us to hold your hand 100% of the time
• Players that consistently request higher ranking in guild (ranking is earned, this includes raid lead)
• Players that request ingame items or gold on a consistent bases

Tanks: OPEN
Heals: OPEN
Melee: OPEN (Excluding Pali)
Ranged: OPEN

Raid Days & Times
10 Pm Est (Server) 7 Pm Pst Start time.
(Discussion on time adjustment)
1 Am Est (Server) 10 Pm Pst Stop time.
(Discussion on time adjustment)
(Or longer dependent on everyones spirits)

Daily if you choose to join.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at:
Bnet: Splicer6#1113
Disc: Splicer666

Hey Zeaths! We are Dumpster Fire and we are a new AOTC focused guild. We have currently achieved our goal and are still looking to grow our team!

We are a small, relaxed group of people who enjoy playing together and like to create an atmosphere of being chill when we can be, but also taking raid a little more seriously. Because, ya know, we all want to progress, right? That’s why we like AOTC guilds!

We currently raid Tuesdays/Fridays at 8pm to 10:30pm CST. Everyone has life outside of the game, so we like to get in and get out at a decent time while doing meaningful progress with a group we actually enjoy playing with.

We are currently looking for a consistent Mage, Shadow Priest, and Warlock to join our group, but anyone interested is welcome to join as well! We also do keys and transmog/mount farming nights.

If you’re interested, please comment down below or reach out to me (Auxen#1977 on BNet or Auxen on Discord) and I would be happy to just chat with ya and see if we may be a good fit together!

We’re looking to add a warlock to Unsundered’s roster!

Unsundered of < Seraph > is a once a week, AotC-focused team. We raid together once a week to have some fun killing bosses. If that sounds like a good time to you, feel free to reach out to join us!

< Seraph > of US-Mal’Ganis is a multi-team, adult raiding guild. We have been among the top guilds on the server for over thirteen years, and we will continue to be here for years to come. We offer a full community experience and make friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

With such a large community, we offer our raiders a wide selection of events to participate in. Our guild features:

  • Core raids for each team
  • Community raids & mount runs open to all
  • Legacy & achievement events open to all
  • M+ Dungeons
  • Twitch hosting for raiders
  • Social Media promotion
  • Active guild discord
  • Blizzcon meetups
  • Cross-faction raiding

Each of our teams have unique needs and schedules. Please visit to view the needs of each team! We are an adult guild and have an 18+ policy.

  • Barely Heroic - HEROIC - 9/9H (11:00pm - 1:00am CT, T/Th) - melarn#1954
  • Unsundered - HEROIC - 9/9H (8pm - 11pm CT, M) - jaymie#11120
  • Reunion - MYTHIC - 5/9M (8:30pm - 11:00pm CT, T/Th) - abiel#1181

Guild Master: Jaymie (jaymie#11120)
Global Recruitment: Abiel (abiel#1181)

Visit ` for more information, and watch us raid at!

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