Returning vets looking for an active home

A few old men returning to Azeroth after leaving years ago. Looking for an active, mature guild for DF. Preferably focused on raiding. We have every role covered. Thanks for reading!

Come join us at Critical Hit! We’re a 15 year strong raiding/mythic plus guild who enjoys all forms of content at a, what we like to call, medium-core level. We’re pretty casual and have all sorts of players in the guild.

We’re currently 8/8N and 7/8HC with Rasz down to 32% and we’re excited that Thursday is gonna be our day!

We have a multitude of folks who enjoy all the content at all levels, and we always have room for more! We’re a bit more on the mature side, most of us in our late 20’s, some of us older folks in our mid to upper 30’s and a couple LITERAL RELICS. :smiley:

Not that this matters to most people, but some people care about who leads a guild - and ours is female lead, by Lithelin and Natalea - super helpful and fun people.

You can find me on Polyphia or Vileygos mostly, or you can try us out via the guild finder!