Returning Veteran Player LF Raiding Guild


Hey all,

I am a 10+ year raiding veteran with plenty of cutting edge experience returning to the game. Recently, I stepped away during Mythic Jaina. I have mained an Enhancement Shaman since the Burning Crusade expansion. Looking for an adult/ mature raiding atmosphere, nothing too serious. Here are some quick details I can provide:

  • Always maintained 99% attendance in a raiding environment

  • Availability: Any day EXCEPT Tuesday & Friday

  • Horde only

  • Only interested in playing Enhancement spec

Please feel free to leave a post or msg me in-game at Yugen#11117




hey! if you’re interested in a relaxed weekend group i’m currently building one and we’re in need of dps! enhancement is fine with us =)

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@ [H] US - Mal’ganis

We are a dual raid team guild, led by CE raiders with previous leadership experience. One team is AOTC+/casual and the other is CE/semi-hardcore. Both raid atmospheres are laid back, but focused and goal oriented. We plan to fully launch our CE team by Patch 8.3.

We do not cater to the easily offended, nor do we want players who think it’s interesting or cool to act like a high schooler.

Weekday CE Team Information
Tuesday: 6 - 10pm Central
Thursday: 6 - 10pm Central
Goal: Achieve CE every tier and sell heroic runs on our off days.
Needs: All - We are building exclusively for 8.3

Also willing to absorb a group and lead it to victory!

Weekend AOTC+ Team
Saturday: 7 - 9pm Central
Sunday: 7 - 9pm Central
Goal: Achieve AOTC every tier and dabble in Mythic for fun.
Needs: DPS, Heals, OFF-spec tanks

Interested?? Apply now! It’s super fast and easy. :heart:
Friendly gamers can contact discord: Tigger#0772


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Updated Availability.

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Here’s a bump since we don’t have anything to offer you. :slight_smile: Sorry


Rëquiëm - H on Area 52 is recruiting to solidify our core to continue mythic progression of EP through to the release of 8.3 and Ny’alotha. We are currently looking for a healer and I would prefer a holy pally :wink: We are lead by a group of 4/8m experienced players who are all very active outside of raid days. We are looking to get a solid core stabilized to hit mythic progression of Ny’alotha hard but are still clearing heroic each week and getting as far as we can in mythic until 8.3

We raid Mon/Tue/Thur from 8-11 EST. Lunaspark#1158 is my btag if youd like to chat :slight_smile:


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